CD Recordings

CD Recordings

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Why offer my songs, books and stories digitally on my web site for free?

I make my living visiting schools and libraries in all kinds of neighborhoods. Some kids cannot afford to buy my CDs and books so by putting them on my website and in the International Children’s Digital Library, they become available to everyone–throughout the world.

I am grateful when people buy my CDs, songs and books–but my career has always been driven by something greater than making money on the work I create. The kids in schools where I visit often ask me if I am rich and I always answer yes–because I make my living doing something I truly love doing. If I can share my work in this small way, I am happy to be able to do so.

– Barry Louis Polisar

"Barry Louis Polisar is an American treasure. He has altered forever
the way children and adults communicate through music."
– All Ears Guide to Music for Children
"My favorite children's songwriter is Barry Louis Polisar...he's got edge."
– Gene Weingarten, The Washington Post