Family Trip

Family Trip

Barry Louis Polisar
$14.95, CD
ISBN 0938663-47-X

“Barry’s lyrics almost always speak to the reality of children’s lives. Polisar’s brand of humor is unique in children’s recordings. This is a good addition for collections wanting to expand their Polisar repertoire or for those purchasing their first recording by the artist.”
– School Library Journal

“Polisar writes and performs children’s songs with a humorous yet lifelike twist.”
– The Sunday Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Polisar’s songs examine children’s hidden thoughts and feelings, tackling subjects in an honest and humorous way.”
– Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond, Virginia

“His songs are humorous anthems that will have non-conformist children clamoring for more.”
– The Chicago Tribune, Chicago, Illinois

Barry Louis Polisar gained an early reputation for writing smart and honest songs about real families–and what a trip they are! This recording contains many of those early Polisar classic songs, re-recorded with a full musical texture and style that includes Memphis slide, blues and folk influences. Barry sings about family car trips, wacky relatives and the joys of getting up on an early Sunday morning.