Barry’s TV Show

Field Trip

Watch clips of Barry’s nationally syndicated TV show Field Trip—and join Barry and students from across the US as they explore museums and history locations. Field Trip won two Emmy Awards for quality children’s television and aired on network TV. It was later syndicated on Cable in the Classroom, PBS, The Armed Services Television Network, and other outlets. The shows were also released on video for the school and library market. Barry hosted and starred in twenty-six different episodes.

The Smithsonian Institution

Plymouth Plantation

The Age of Exploration

Antietam National Civil War Battlefield

The United States Naval Academy 

The National Postal Museum

Field Trip Goes to the Farm

Field Trip goes to Yellowstone National Park

Field Trip Goes to the Dogs: Puppy Training

Barry sings and the dogs howl

Learning Science at the Amusement Park

Whale Watching

How a Newspaper is Made: A Visit to The Washington Post

The Fermi Physics Lab in Illinois

Falling Down on the Ice: Field Trip plays Hockey

Behind the Scenes at the Nutcracker Ballet

Exploring Space at the Goddard Space Center

Exploring the C and O Canal

Spiders at the Natural History Museum

Cavern Stalagmites and Stalagtites  

George Washington and Mt. Vernon 

The Smithonian’s African Art Museum

The National Aquarium

Gargoyle Carving at the National Cathedral

Behind the Scenes of Basketball

The Challenger Space Center

Guess Who Played Captain Comet?

Field Trip Visits an Airport