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“When I was six years old, I found an album at my house and felt like I had discovered something alien and taboo. I played it, elated to find a full grown adult who obviously got it. He knew, somehow, that I lived in a world where I already felt too loud and too young and too small. A world where, as the years passed, my imagination was often considered disruptive. Barry satirized adults. He mocked the status quo. He defended the little guy. He validated the weirdos. And many of his songs taught lessons about compassion. I begged for new albums. I memorized all the songs. I was hooked. In grade school I usually could be found at recess with groups of kids surrounding me begging me to sing another one of his songs. Now I am an adult. I am an actor and a singer. And I attribute much of my comfort in performing to his influence. So, if you want your children to be closed-minded and quiet with a narrow view of the world, do NOT buy his recordings. But if you are trying to help cultivate a sharp, quick, witty young human, who cares about others and is comfortable in their own skin…there is no greater investment than the work of Barry Louis Polisar. “

– Karen, Indianapolis, Indiana


“Seriously inspired songwriting. Insanity for children. Fascinating stuff. My Mom bought the album for me when I was four. After twenty-one years, it’s even better. I’ll say it again: Barry = living genius. “

– Adam, New Hampshire


“When I was about 3 years old my sisters and I listened to “Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls” OVER and OVER. I am so excited to hear it again, and it’s even better as a grown-up.”

– Jenny H


“So there I was, with a shiny new library card, trying to find something interesting…..”I Eat Kids?!?” I remember taking the record from the rack. The full title was “I Eat Kids and Other Songs For Rebellious Children.” I took it to the record player, and borrowed the headphones from the librarian. I thought it was great! But I’d never seen anything like it. I probably didn’t know the words “condescending”, “saccharine”, or “Pablum” at the time. I just knew there seemed to be a rule: everything aimed for kids had to be super-sweet, never talking about bad things or unhappy people or anything I might find even a little interesting. Here was this guy who talked about all kinds of strange and exciting situations and sometimes, in his stories, the monsters did- eat the kids, brothers could- learn magic and turn their evil older sisters into apple trees, and teachers could be so boring that whole classes fall asleep. The day I heard that album, I realized, there and then, that I could be different from everyone else. And I loved it. I’ve never gone back. I’ve fallen back in love with Barry Louis Polisar’s work–fallen hard. Barry has been my hero and my inspiration for years. But I hadn’t followed his music for a long time. I hadn’t heard his new work. I hadn’t read his books. He’d redone most of the old songs; how would that make me feel? So I listened to his new work. And I love it now, more than I did then. Not because it reminds me of my youth–in fact, the new versions of songs keep playing tricks with my head, I keep expecting to hear things a certain way, and they’re different. I’ve been listening to music for 15 years, and I’m a professional musician. I realized this: Barry is still one of the most original songwriters I’ve heard in my entire life. His songs are funny, fascinating, dark and silly and great to listen to. He’s an inventive, creative, totally one-of-a-kind songwriter, and not just with comedy. He tells great stories, of all different kinds. When I was seven, I thought his songs treated me like an adult, and when he had a point to make, I wanted to hear it. Eighteen years later, I agree. Barry’s the best children’s songwriter I’ve ever heard.”

– Jeff M, New Jersey


“Barry Polisar is the funniest, most daring children’s performer I’ve come across, and he never talks down to children in the process. I once made the mistake of teaching a group of children his song “My Brother Threw Up on My Stuffed Toy Bunny.” They never wanted to sing ANYTHING else!”

– Bob H, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


“I grew up listening to Barry Louis Polisar and if you don’t already have some of these titles, you should have your children taken from you and transplanted onto poultry farms where they will be more lovingly cared for.”

– Ryan T, Winchester, Virginia


“We had one of your albums when my son was growing up, and now I have friends with kids who really need to hear that song “My brother threw up on my stuffed toy bunny”. And if the truth be known, I probably loved your recording more than my kid, but that’s ok. It needs to be shared! Thanks!”

– Louise H, Reidsville,North Carolina


“I am 29 years old and getting ready to start my first year of teaching at a school in central Alabama. The reason I am writing you is because when I was in the fifth grade, you came to my school and performed for us. That many years ago!! I STILL have the ALBUM, “My Brother Thinks He’s a Banana.” I learned all the words when I was younger, and through the years have continued to sing them. I have a daughter, who is nearly four. She now is a HUGE Barry Louis Polisar fan. Our nighttime routine consists of me singing “Our Dog Bernard,” and “Apple of my Eye”…..we laugh and laugh, and laugh. I had to write you to let you know how your existence touched my childhood and is now touching my daughter’s, and soon, the students I will teach. Thank you for sharing your talent! “

– Valerie K, Alabama


“In the late seventies, I saw you play at the Library in Waynesboro, Virginia. I bought a few of your albums Well needless to say I was hooked. A decade later when I was Director for a local Day Camp I copied your lyrics to “My Brother Threw Up on My Stuffed Toy Bunny” and taught the children how to sing the whole thing. We performed it for their parents and everyone had a blast. Since that time I think the new Director outlawed the song, but some of those kids still come up to me and ask if I remember the song. I still catch myself singing some of your songs and laughing. I was so excited to find your website. Thanks for the memories, the music, and the ability to make me laugh like a child.”

– Jeffrey F, Big Brothers, Big Sisters


“My brother (28) and I (31) grew up listening to your tapes. We to this day know every word to many of your songs. We wore our tapes right out we played them so much! Your music kept our family together. We still talk about your songs and how funny they were. Even our grandparents know the words from us singing them! We now each have kids of our own and want to share the fun with them. Thank you so much!”

– Carrie C


“I remember my cousins and I gathering around the old victrola (well maybe not that old), and listening to “my brother..”, “Dog named Cat,” “my dog Bernard,” “one day my best friend Barbara…” “Late at night when mommy and daddy have gone out..” We listened to that record many MANY times. My cousins, siblings and I are now 31-41ish and that album burned a wonderful place in our memories. Absolute genius that album was. As soon as I popped the CD in my car, all the words came streaming back to me. I couldn’t believe it. What wonderful music. You are a hilarious inspiration.”

– Elaine T, Allen, Texas


“We first heard you in the late 80’s at the Hershey Library. At Thanksgiving this year in Michigan, as we were singing…”Our Dog Bernard…” “I’ll never be Do dumb to Like Asparagus”…..and “I’m Standing Naked on the Kitchen Table….” and many other songs. Just want you to know, we have some real sentimental family connections with those songs. Thanks for the fun! “

– Ginny E, Hershey, Pennsylvania


“I am so EXCITED! I listened to you when I was a child in the 70s. My favorite song was “Don’t Stick Your Finger Up Your Nose.” I can’t wait to share these CDs with my nieces & nephews. I was thrilled to see you have a web site I can order. “

– Kristin S, Elkridge, Maryland


“I listened to these songs growing up and they are awesome!”

– Adam F, Provo, Utah


“I just wanted to say thank you for helping to make my childhood colorful. Keep making the great songs. “

– Stephanie S, San Francisco, California


“You have traveled with our family throughout Europe! Your recording was a favorite with my 2 boys while we were living in Germany. As we drove along the autobahn, we listened to you. As we toured Europe, you were our background music. For some of our German neighbors, their first English song was “You Can’t Say PSBPSB on the Radio.”

– Mindy M, Shenandoah, Virginia


“Just wanted to say thanks for all the great songs when I was younger. I feel very fortunate to have been among the rare breed of rabid fans who bought these albums on vinyl decades ago. Let me just say thank you for those songs, and let me just say that there could never be enough of those albums even if you could give one to each child on the planet.”

– Chris H.


“I just wanted to let you know that 20 years or so ago I was ADDICTED to your music! It was hard to find, but the Public Library carried your albums and I listened to them faithfully. This morning when watching TV with my children and the day care children I watch I saw a video clip of “Don’t stick your finger up your nose.” My children watched in awe as I sang it word for word, and a huge smile came across my face. It was so fun, and it brought me back to such a fun part of my childhood. I’m so excited to have “found” you again. Peace and success in all you do, A devoted (almost 30 year old) fan!”

– Mary L.


“I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful records, specifically “Naughty Songs For Boys And Girls” which I passed on to my six year old niece and nephew, much to the “delight” of their parents after it had been played no less than four hundred times in a row. Favorite songs included “Hey Jack, What’s In The Sack” and “Do This Do That” but the clear winner was “You Can’t Say Psbsbsbsb On The Radio”, which was my personal favorite and still makes me laugh. I am glad to see that you are still making music and remember fondly when you played at my school.”

– Laurie G, Columbia, Maryland


“Your record spun on my Fisher Price record player and is definitely the first I remember hearing. My sisters and I played it constantly, memorized the words and no doubt gave our parents countless renditions. I am thrilled that I have finally found your site. You’ve now made a new generation of my family smile.”

– Thomas S, St Louis, Missouri


“I just wanted to say that your songs were an important part of my childhood as well as my part of my adulthood.”

– Seth D.


“I grew up listening to those strange records over and over again. My folks can surely attest to that. I can recall playing “Never Cook Your Sister” for show-and-tell in the second grade, and having my mother called in to talk with the teacher, who was renowned for her complete lack of a sense of humor. She informed my mother that I was under the influence of some very inappropriate music, and that things like that record should be kept out of the hands of children, lest they grow up ‘strange’. Indeed, the records did influence me, in a number of ways – they taught me that childhood is not all fun-and-games, but that I wasn’t the only kid who had to put up with tyrannical parents while being force-fed Brussels sprouts. I also learned the value of being able to laugh, despite all the pressing woes of growing up. I learned that growing up and getting older are two entirely different things. I’m getting married in a couple of months, and I hope to start a family of my own in the next couple of years. And I am really looking forward to speaking with a second-grade teacher about why it’s not such a bad thing to grow up strange after all. Thank you for helping make this place just a little bit more surreal. “

– Steve S, British Columbia, Canada


“My wife and I heard your song “doo-doo is a bad word” on a radio station while driving through Oregon some years ago visiting our grandchildren, and we nearly drove off the road laughing.”

– Lou D, Baltimore, Maryland


“I’ve been a huge fan of yours since my parents bought the “Captured Live and in the Act” record for me when I was about 7 years old. It immediately became my favorite record and I memorized all the words. I got “Off-Color Songs for Kids” a couple years later. At the time, I thought it was the strangest record I’d heard but I loved it and I still do. It was so much more fun and wild than any other records. I’m 23 now and I still can’t stop smiling when I listen to your albums. It seems like some other children’s singers are really making music for parents, not kids.” “

– Aaron


“I was recently in a toy store and was absolutely delighted to come across a collection of your music! One of my first albums as a child was”I Eat Kids…,” and it was always one of my favorites. Years later, my sister borrowed it for her kindergarten class, and I never saw it again. I now have two toddlers of my own, and I wanted to share your music with them. “

– Carrie G, Owings Mills, Maryland


“My 22 year old daughter grew up listening to Barry and even had the opportunity to see him in person – we have a couple of autographed books that are among the treasured keepsakes from her childhood. Erin is graduating College in May with a degree in Modern Dance – I knew watching her singing and dancing to Barry’s songs as a 4 year old that she would be a performer some day. “

– Denise D, Texas


“You have been a MAJOR inspiration to me over the last 15 years of my life! I started listening to you records when I was about 10 years old (I think I wore out our library’s copy and I still love your songs today! I’m 25 now and pretty much because of you I also sing, write songs, and play guitar for kids. You always seemed to “in” on the joke, not talking down to kids. Thank you for your work! “

– John C


“I used to listen to your records nonstop when I was a kid. I’m now 30 and married and will most likely have a family of my own in the next few years to share your music with. I owe much of my sense of humor today to your records. “

– Kia S, Denver, Colorado


“My daughter Linda, home from college, was listening to your “Naughty Songs For Boys and Girls” and just getting great chuckles after not having listened to them for many years. She kept saying “Oh now I get it, I didn’t understand it before! “

– Mark S, Texas


“My entire family (mom and dad included) once sang all the verses of “My Dog Bernard Who Lives in the Backyard” at the dinner table when I was somewhere around 10 years old. I’m not even sure whatever happened to the actual record, but over 20 years later, I still remember most of the words to that song and so very many others on the album. “

– Sandra W, Harrison, New York


“Twenty years ago, I bought my 6-year-old a copy of “My Brother Thinks He’s A Banana” on a lark, not knowing precisely what we’d be getting into. (OK, I had a clue from the titles and the pictures, and I thought it looked like just the thing for an impressionable kid to hear.) Today the record skips badly, has stickers on its torn-up jacket and is in thoroughly disreputable condition. And the 6-year-old is a 26-year-old who is studying to be an elementary school teacher. My daughter mentioned that one day recently, “My Name Is Hiram Lipshlitz” was running through her head when she suddenly — for the first time, apparently — understood what it was about. She’s still hysterical that it took her so long to figure it out. “

– Ruth D, San Diego, California


“When I was about 6 years old, My parents took me to the Columbia Library in Maryland where you were performing. I had been listening to your tapes for awhile, and seeing you perform was one of my earliest memories. When my mom would yell at me because I tracked mud into the living room, I’d play one of your songs, and I’d feel better. Unfortunately, I grew up a little. More time went by, and one day as I was cleaning my basement, I found an old battered tape of “Off-Color Songs for Kids”. though it was 10 years old, it still played for me. Childhood burst out of my stereos and I fell in love with your music all over again. I’m 17, a big kid now, but I’m still a fan. Most people forget what it’s like to be a kid as they grow older. But you know. You’re still a kid at heart. And I think that’s just awesome. For my childhood and for the rest of my life, THANK YOU, Barry. “

– Kimberly L, Pennsylvania


“I used to listen to your music when I was just a little kid, and I wanted to say thanks. My brother and I couldn’t get enough of those albums and to this day our family will occasionally break into spontaneous renditions of “Our Dog Bernard” around the Thanksgiving table. The amazing thing is that we still find your songs absolutely hilarious, despite our age. The lyrics were so true-to-life. I wanted to let you know that your music touched our family and shaped loving memories that will live in our hearts forever, despite the trials of growing older.”

– Katherine J.


“When I was doing my student teaching I found one of your record albums in a classroom. The kids in that room loved it. I loved it too. sooooo….I picked up my guitar and started playing em for the kids. This was a treat for me and the kids. I loved playing and singing your songs. I even started to play them on the piano. The kids really loved them. I was really impressed with your style and tried writing my own silly songs for kids. I use to go to the local library on weekends to sing for the kids. I had a ball. I really love to entertain kids of all ages. I always thought it would be wonderful to do this for a living. But it never worked out. Puppetry took its place. As the years went I still used your songs in the classroom BUT it was you Barry that got he seed planted for me to do this….and I thank you. Thanks again for setting off that spark that I had way back when. “

– Joe S, Berkeley Springs, West Virginia


“Spent a lot of time in the early 1980s listening to a radio show out of NYC called Kids America, which featured your music often… I’m almost 30 now with a 2 year old of my own and I still sometimes frighten people by singing “my brother threw up on my stuffed toy bunny….” or worse, the underwear song. So now here’s your website at long last. “

– Jai W, New York, New York


“You were always my favorite. Just the other day, I was playing with my 6 year old nephew and we were kidding about dinosaurs. Out of nowhere, I started to sing about being a three-toed triple-eyed double-jointed dinosaur (with warts up and down my back). My nephew was delighted, as was I. You obviously made a great impression on me. I am so very glad that I was able to find your web site so that I can share more of your music with my nephew, and eventually, my own kids. Thank you very much for doing what you do! “

– Stephen H


“My parents used to take me to the Library when I was little, and I loved your music. My brother and I used to sing the bumblebee song, and “Oh, I want to be a dog” until my parents groaned. In fact, my brother was dancing once so carelessly in the library basement as the Bumblebee Song hit its final chorus that he hit his head into one of the metal support poles in the middle of the floor. Who’s to say you’re not the innovator of head-banging? I was a public school teacher for 7 years, and I always made it a point to make learning fun, a desire that I’m sure was founded deep in the past with my love of your music. “

– Mike K, Calvert County, Maryland


“One of my greatest pleasures last week was listening with my grandson to song upon song of yours. Naturally, he heralded my visit by taking out his own guitar and strumming/singing along with your song about being able to do ANYTHING when grandpa comes to visit. I think you would have shrieked, though, to hear him wail with you at the top of his lungs, “DIAPER RASH!!!” I was brought completely back to the electric shock of hearing you for the very first time, in the dark, on our public radio station, displacing its usual classical music with Barry Louis Polisar peeing on the classroom wall. And me howling with laughter and literally rolling off the bed in the dark, and knowing instantly that I had to track you down. I love you, Barry, diaper rash and ALL!!! “

– Lenny B, Amherst, Massachusetts


“The other day my fiance and I were in the car, when he started singing “My brother threw up on my stuffed toy bunny” and darn if I didn’t know all the words too! It was silly adult fun, and it was amazing that 18 years later, we were able to remember the words to many of the songs from memory. We had both seen him at different elementary schools in Virginia! Thanks for all the fun!”

– Virginia C, Maine


“I forwarded your web site to all of my co-workers announcing that you were my idol and a main inspiration for me becoming a musician. My favorite album was “I Eat Kids,” which I repeatedly checked out of the library. Now I am a composer/woodwind player dealing mostly with highly improvised, experimental music. Curious. “

– Evan R


“I just want you to know that this is the only fan mail I have ever written. I grew up in Baltimore and have carried my childhood memories of your songs to my new home in Anchorage Alaska. 20 years and 6000 miles are not enough to shake those tunes from my head. thank you for everything. “

– Erik, Anchorage, Alaska


“Your music still touches me 25 years later in Seattle! “

– Halle E, Seattle Washington


“My little sister (who is now 20 years old) was nearly moved to tears this Christmas when she opened “Family Trip”. She was just incredulous that I remembered your music and was able to find it for her! Thanks for the happy reminder of some really wonderful happy times “

– Kati L


“Our 26-year-old daughter grew up hearing your songs. Recently, she asked us to look for our old Polisar albums that she particularly loved–“Captured Live and In the Act” and “Stanley Stole My Shoelace” so she could play them for her two children. Our daughter lives in another state now, but she’s so excited that we found those albums. She can’t wait until she gets them. Now you can say your songs have been passed down to another generation! “

– A Fan, Frederick, Maryland


“I want to tell you that your music, books and friendship have helped shape my life. I am a better, funnier and quirkier person for knowing you. I am so happy that I didn’t turn out to be ‘normal’, whatever that is anyway. I have always known that I would be something special, and your music has helped me keep believing in myself, through really difficult times of my life. You are a bright ray of sunshine in my life. “

– Katrina T, Australia


“My own kid–or at least he used to be mine; I’m not so sure anymore–has taken to staring at me all squinty eyed and mumbling terrible oaths against the Gang of Four ever since he first heard your early recordings. He’s not interested in his toys anymore and he wants to trade in his playdo for plastique. I’d take the albums away from him, but he likes them so much. Besides, he threatens to give our names to the secret police is we do. “

– Cliff J., Greenbelt, Maryland


“While sitting around my living room the other day, I found myself ostracized by my friends when I started singing, to everyone’s surprise, “…Never cook your sister in a frying pan” Sometime around two decades ago, my parents brought “Naughty Songs for Boys & Girls,” and “My Brother Thinks He’s A Banana”. Since my introduction to these albums, my love for music has been awakened. I just wanted to send a message to Mr. Polisar, to thank him for years of entertainment, and more importantly for inspiring creativity and humor in his audience. His music has an impossibly rare quality not unlike immortality. I’m a perfect example…having gone 20 or so years since hearing his music, for no reason at all, I start singing one of his songs. I can also remember a very important lesson learned early in my public school career. I brought the records to school for show-and-tell, to share with the other kids. The teacher, appalled at the song “Don’t Put Your Finger Up Your Nose” snatched the record from the turntable and told me that I was a horrible child; or words to that effect. The moral of the story is that instead of implicitly trusting authority figures, this taught me to think for myself (Well, eventually. It’s difficult to recognize significant catalysts when you’re 7.) It was among the first stones in the path to individuality, and free thought…or something. Anyway, thanks a lot for all the great times, and for the lessons you taught so memorably. “

– Steve S, Ontario, Canada


“My children had two favorite record albums growing up–“I Eat Kids” and an album of heavy metal rock by Twisted Sister. I was never sure which was more subversive. “

– Marty B., Hyattsville, Maryland


“Not to make you feel old but I wanted you to know that I am buying your music for my grandchildren. You were a big part of my children’s lives during the 70’s and we now have 3 grandsons who need to hear the fun that you create with your music. Thanks for the all the good times we had as a family listening to your records, which we still have and the fun yet to come listening to them again with our grandsons. “

– Susan C, Colorado Springs, Colorado


“It’s amazing to see just how many people feel the same way I feel about your music. My kids grew up listening to you. Sometimes we?d laugh so hard that I thought they might choke on their food. Now I have a grandchild and he LOVES your music and laughs just as hard as his dad did. Thank you so much for turning out to be you. “

– Marcia B, Spearfish, South Dakota


“You’ve heard this billions of times, I know, but you were without a doubt my biggest idol as a kid. I still know all the words! Thank you for being such a zany, amazing influence on my youth! “

– Eva S, New York, New York


“Listening to your music and laughing hysterically with my younger sister is one of my favorite childhood memories. We still sit around and try to remember all the words. I’m 30 now and can’t wait to start a collection of your work for my children! Thanks for helping add to some of my greatest childhood memories. Keep playing, singing and laughing! You’re still funny 25 years later. “

– Connie C, Burlington, Vermont


“The groves on my copies of your recordings are well worn. First my parents, then the children and adults I work with were treated to endless choruses of your songs….Well, 26 years later, Thank You! “

– Diana M, Ithaca, New York


“I had two of your tapes as a kid. I literally wore it out years ago. I don’t think I listened to anything else between the ages of six and ten. I worked at a girl scout camp and every year I took your music with me. It was a hit, every year…my girls and I would march around camp singing chorus after chorus of ‘don’t put your finger up your nose’. Last year, when they were asked to pick one thing to perform for a campfire, they did a choral reading of “The Man and the Chicken”– also a big hit. You rock. You rock hard. “

– Kate C


“Thanks for creating such fabulous songs for kids. I loved them when I was six and now that I am twenty-five, I think I enjoy them even more! I can’t wait to share them with my kids. “

– Brittany T, Chicago, Illinois


“It all started in 1979 or so when my younger brother was in the third or fourth grade and I was old enough to know better. Jeff was all excited about seeing some guy named Barry Louis Polisar at school We played his LP more times than I could count, singing along with it and occasionally dancing around the room in the silliest way we could come up with. In the two decades since I was first exposed to your work, I’ve become a musician, with a penchant for rewriting almost every song I hear into a parody that reflects whatever’s going on in my life at the moment and doing it in a silly,off-key fashion. It didn’t dawn on me until today that all of that (along with a big chunk of my sense of humor and irreverent outlook on life) can be traced back to that platter of zany goodness that is “Barry Louis Polisar.” I just wanted to say thanks for the positive impact you’ve had on me. I’m glad you were able to make a career of it, because if there’s anything this world needs, it’s more silliness. “

– Mark F, Virginia


“I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I grew up listening to your recordings–your records were the anthem of our neighborhood. We first saw you perform at our Elementary and of course soon fell in love with your honest and funny take on life. Now having a four year old daughter I thought it was time to introduce you to her. I still have many of the songs memorized and often sing them to her in the car. “

– Kim H, Glendale, Arizona


“Just thought that I would write to say thank you. I was just a small child when I first heard your music when you came to my Elementary School. My mother bought one of your records, and I listened to them for years. I am 29 now but I have never forgotten those funny, funny songs. You really seem to be able to get down to a kids level when singing them. “

– Jamie H, Lynchburg, Virginia


“I grew up with the LP vinyl of “Captured Live & In the Act,” memorized all the songs, and entertained family with renditions of “Don’t Stick Your Finger Up Your Nose.” Lately your songs have resonated in my head again, though it’s been more than 15 years since I have heard that record. Just the other night I was remarking on the 34th birthday of a friend, and suddenly burst out with: “And the boy next door is 34 years old!….And he always makes his bed…” My friends stared wide-eyed at me. I will awe my friends with your timeless songs.Thank you for recreating old memories, and now inspiring a new generation. “

– Allie L, Newport News, Virginia


“In the twenty years since I first discovered your music you’re still the only one telling it like it is in kids music. You’re much better known now than you were back in the 70’s….thanks for all the years of magic you’ve created for children and adults over the planet. “

– Lee W, Portland, Oregon


“I grew up listening to “I Eat Kids.” I can’t wait to suprise my mom and sister, who turns 30 this summer, with copies of the album. Over the years we’ve never stopped talking about how great your songs were–we still know all the words. But ever since the old record went missing, we havent been able to sing along with you. I cant tell you how happy it made me to put on your CD when it arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. I made my girlfriend listen to every song, and she watched me just bursting with excitement that I stilll knew all the words to every song.Thanks for being such a huge part of my childhood. “

– Walker L, New York, New York


“Today I got in the same conversation I have about a million times before where I asked, “Have you heard of Barry Louis Polisar?” You came to my school when I was 5 or 6. I was probably one of the littler ones laughing and screaming my head off at the front of the big lunchroom. My sisters and I regularly jumped and spun on the orange velour spinny chairs to your album. Your music and humor meant so much to me as a kid, and clearly still does. I’m so glad to see that you are still at it and going strong! Thank you for what you do! “

– Sheara, Eugene, Oregon


“I just recently returned home from my first year of college. While I was going through old boxes my mom had packed up over the years, I came across your albums and song book. When I was little, I wore them out until they were pretty close to broken. The binding in the song book is all tattered and the book is in two pieces. The tape is all fuzzy, and barely functioning. I had almost every song in that book memorized and made sure the rest of my family did as well it was neccessary for car rides and any other family functions. “

– Nicole J, Westmont, Illinois


“I discovered “Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls” at the library. I did buy that album with my meagre resources. My children were 2 and 4 yrs old. For almost 30 years they have laughed hysterically at your music. Recently my older daughter, who now has a 3 yr old and a 5 month old bought the CD and I’m buying a few more. You’re kind of my “kids music” hero. What I really love about your music is that it’s SO imaginative and so real to children’s experience. I can hardly wait to hear the slug song. Your light-hearted, fun-poking lyrics always reminded me to keep a joyful perspective on life. Thanks for bringing so much fun and joy into the world with your music. “

– Suzanne N, Olympia, Washington


“I know you have heard this a zillion times but THANK YOU! I listened to your records as a wee tike of 3 or 4 while I fell asleep. My mom would turn on one of your albums and tuck me in under my covers. Now my three children listen to your albums. Your words sunk into my brain in a very meaningful way and I thank you for your subversive messages. Viva la revolucion! “

– Shannon B, Madison, Wisconsin


“I laughed and laughed and laughed when I heard your album….I am still laughing! I go to a Catholic school that needs to hear these songs to start laughing. “

– Ali H, Monterey, California


“My girls saw you perform about twenty-five years ago. They went to sleep listening to your records. Now their children are listening to your CDs! Hope my Great-Grandchildren have the same opportunity. “

– Gayle B, Sykesville, Maryland


“Some twenty years ago I had the pleasure of meeting you when you performed at a school where I was teaching. Your songs were a constant source of entertainment to my class. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much the parents enjoyed their children singing, “Tomorrow” at their graduation ceremony. A few years later, when my own sons were in elementary school, I again had the pleasure to catch another of your performances. This time, your songs and wit won over my two boys. In November of last year, a little girl was sent my way and at a time when I thought my child rearing years were behind me, I found myself starting all over. Imagine my surprise my when little girl came home from school with a paper saying “Barry Louis Polisar” was coming to perform! I have been beside myself with excitement and I’m looking so foward to your performance. In closing, I’d like to thank you, Barry, for helping to make my son’s childhoods a little more magical and in advance for helping to show my foster daughter that life doesn’t have to be taken quite so seriously. She’s been through a lot in her short six years and I love to see her smile. With all CD’s and books I’ve ordered from your list, I know her days will be filled with sunshine and laughter! We’re looking forward to seeing you at school!! “

– Laurie S, Baltimore, Maryland


“You are truly “different.” A children’s “alternative.” Outrageous with heart. There just isn’t anyone out there to compare with you. My children were raised on your early stuff and my oldest son, now 21, can still sing your old songs. You have affected an entire generation of listeners and continue to inspire and entertain a whole new generation. “

– Carrie W, Florida


“I loved your music as a child. Last week I was driving down the highway after work, and found myself humming “don’t put your finger up your nose…!” After then singing the sound loudly to myself and laughing the rest of the way home I decided I had to track you down so that I could give some of that feeling to a dear friend’s son and daughter. I can literally remember your songs generating peels of laughter in my 1st grade classroom. A priceless memory I hope to recreate. I was delighted to find your web site. I’ve clearly missed quite a lot of exceptional work you’ve done over the years. I’m looking forward to getting all the kids I know in (and of course, my own one day) caught up soon. Thank you so much! Both for the memories and the order. 🙂 “

– Ritzy B, SF, California


“I want you to know that you, and your records made a big difference in me and my brothers life! 🙂 We are from Norway (Scandinavia, Europe) but lived in the US from 1976 until 1980. Our parents bought us this record sometime during our stay. We had great fun singing along. We simply loved it! And still do. I just found that one great, beloved and very important record today… It’s hilarious, and the most wonderful thing is that the lyrics has never left my head! The simple songs revives great memories, and good feelings from childhood years. And the lyrics does even more for me today! That’s one of the great things of being a childish grown-up (not really wanting to grow up) – you can comfort yourself with the ability to see new sides and “depths” in the literature, music and stories you knew years ago. “

– Norunn B, Norway


“My wife to be and I will be dancing to “I need you like a donut needs a hole” as our first dance as husband and wife. Thanks for 25 years of memories. I’m looking forward to having kids, piling them into the minivan and playing your music. “

– Hans A Austin, Texas


“My friend handed me your CD “Juggling Babies” last night and all I can think is “WHERE have you BEEN!!!” and why has it taken me so long to find you??? So alright, it was just what I needed. “As you Sleep so Peacefully” made me cry as I was laughing…and by the time I got to “Doo Doo..” I had to pull over. My two year old kept asking “You OK? You OK?” from the backseat. I think he thought I had lost it. So I need at least 4 copies of this. Thank you thank you thank you!! “

– Stephanie G, Culpepper, Virginia


“I can’t say that you are the “reason” that I got a Ph.D. in paleontology and why I got a job at Yale, but you are the reason that I became a big cool adult! My younger sister and I used to dance around to your music for about 10 hours a day and it probably made us make it through a completely demented childhood without turning into straight-laced boring drones! You rule! “

– Sue B, New Haven, Connecticut


“I remember listening to these songs when I was young and now my children enjoy them every night during dinner. We turn the tv off, dance around the kitchen and I get to watch their mouths drop to the floor when they hear about dentists giving out chocolate. “

– Jennifer F, North Chili, New York


“Thank you for the profound difference you made in my younger years. My sister and I wore your recording out! Even then we knew all the songs by heart..thanks for teaching me how to feel great through music. “

– Jana B, Willimantic, Connecticut


“You probably get emails like this all of the time…Still, when I found your website, I had to write. I was a student back in the late 70’s when I first heard your music at a school assembly. Like so many before and since, I was charmed, and started driving my family nuts with bits and snippets of your songs, aided and abetted by the copy of “My Brother Thinks He’s a Banana” that my parents gave me for my next birthday. I think that your songs were the first thing to indicate to me that music could be as individualistic as the person performing it, and that while there were rules to the game, many of them could be bent or broken. I have been a great and eclectic music lover (and sometimes performer) ever since. I admit to having lost track of you and your career for several years, but when a colleague of mine recently had her second child, all of the good times I used to have listening to your tunes came back to me, and I had to see if you were still around. I was really delighted to find that you are, and have made sure my colleague knows where to find your website. Mr. Polisar. on behalf of all of the (aging) kids who I know would like to write you this letter, I want to thank you – for your creativity, your gentleness, and your everpresent and abundant energy. Here’s hoping several more generations of kids get to enjoy your gifts. In a field where performers come and go. changing with the winds, you are truly a constant. “

– Kevin B