Teacher’s Favorites

Teacher’s Favorites

Barry Louis Polisar
$14.95, CD
ISBN 0938663-48-8

“The production quality is outstanding. The guest musicians use guitars, mandolins, fiddles, dulcimers, slide guitar, clarinet and percussion to give the sound a richness not found in most children’s recordings. Polisar’s vocals are very playful. A must buy–even if you already own previous Polisar recordings.”
– School Library Journal

“His humor will get you if you don’t watch out…adults and children alike are alternately charmed and disarmed by these humorous songs.”
– The Tribune, Tiffin, Ohio

“Your music is a true joy! As an elementary music teacher, I’ve appreciated the humor you use in your approach. As my students sing along, I see them nodding in agreement to what you sing about.”
– Pam O’Neal, Music Teacher, Sterling, Colorado

“He appeals to a wide audience of children–and adults who can still think like children.”
– Gifted and Talented Magazine

“He’s “write” in tune with kids.”
– The Patriot News, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

A recording of Barry’s best loved songs about school that feature a new musical accompaniment with fiddle, mandolin, clarinet and guitar. This recording breathes new life into some of Barry’s original songs; he sings about a boy who doesn’t want to get out of bed in the morning–he turns out to be the Principal–and a deep voiced chorus sings about underwear in a calypso beat. This recording also includes Barry’s classic 1975 song, I’ve Got a Teacher and She’s So Mean, a child’s heart-felt complaint with a real surprise ending! A funny and meaningful collection.

As the Guide to the Best Recorded Music for Children said, “Barry Louis Polisar talks to kids in a way that is direct but never condescending. Kids love him. He reaches children in their funny bone.”