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Another Worthy Project

A Worthy Project

My wife and I were taking a walk last summer, when we passed a “for sale” sign pointing to a run-down house on 20 acres filled with trash, tires, and debris. It was less than a half a mile away from our home and I got excited when I discovered that the property had been for sale for some time and no one seemed to want it because of all the work needed to repair the house and restore the land.

I had done this before and wasn’t afraid!

We made an offer and before I knew it, I was digging up trash, tires, concrete, rubble and other debris that had been buried all over the property and piled in heaps in the fields and woods. My wife joked that I bought the land just so I could clean it up — and we both knew that was the truth!

It’s a beautiful place now with fields and woods and a lovely stream that meanders beside a large meadow. It was a worthy project and satisfying work to be able to repair a small part of the world

We knew a group of young folks who were looking for a place to live and farm and that made the experience even sweeter. They moved in right as we finished the repairs and clean-up.

May, 2013