Guest Book

“I stumbled upon your record in the library in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1981. Our days usually included a trip to the library, where we found ourselves after another staggeringly boring story hour with blah characters and overly-hungry animals. Making a mad dash for the exit, We blindly grabbed a few children’s records from the bin. We came home and put on the old record player expecting more major-keyed la-de-da music. But, instead – – this incredible collection of “naughty” songs about girls who are nasty brats, and not having to share a teddy bear, my brother and my father and my sister and the dog…..who was this guy? We all began laughing and singing along, raising our eyebrows at the appropriate spots. I remember being amazed that our 4 year olds were appreciating these lyrics and music. I made a cassette tape of some of our favorites from your album and reluctantly returned the record to the library. We regretted never writing down your name, and vowed to find it somehow.. AND NOW – – HERE YOU ARE!! I am overjoyed, and am planning on surprising those now 23 and 21 year old children with their own copies of your albums.””

– Joyce L


“When I was 8, I can remember going to our local library and borrowing a record with such songs as “Underwear Is Everywhere”, “You Can’t Say Psbsbpsb On The Radio”, “My Mother Ran Away”, “I’ve Got A Teacher, She’s So Mean”, ‘Don’t Put Your Finger Up Your Nose”, and “My Brother Things He’s a Banana”. I’ve been searching for years to find out who the genius was behind this music. Partly because I sing these songs all the time to myself, and partly because my friends think I’m insane. Thank you for the years of humor that’ve stuck with me, even when I’ve forgotten my algebra!”

– Mike C, Rutland, Vermont


“I loved your songs, and sang them daily. I’m 25 now. I have a 7 month old son and I was looking for some music tapes to play for him during car trips, and from out of no where, your name popped into my head. I was telling my husband I was going to buy one of your tapes and low and behold he used to listen to you when he was growing up too! He actually went to see you once at a library.”

– Kim R, Virginia


“Back in 1995 we brought along a tape of yours when we went to live for a couple of years in Madagascar. Whichever one it was, it topped the list as far as the kids’ were concerned for their car pool ride to school. One kid begged and begged to keep it when we left to come back here, and I stupidly left it with him (stupidly, because his mother promptly confiscated it!)”

– Pia C, Cambridge, Massachusetts


“I just wanted to write to say that I am SO happy to find that Mr. Polisar is still entertaining children! I still remember his performance when I was a young student in the mid-70s. Now I’m a mom myself and am very excited to introduce his music to my son! I still have the “My Brother Thinks He’s a Banana…” LP that I purchased way back when – and it’s still my favorite. Keep up the great work!”

– Donna R, Rockville, Maryland


“Recently I saw you on t.v. I was just flipping through the channels, and I saw this man with a beard and a guitar, singing. The voice was so familiar, I had to watch and see who it was. The song ended and the credits rolled up and it was you, Barry Louis Polisar. First of all, a 5 year mystery has been solved, I couldn’t think of that name to save my life. You performed at my elementary school years ago in Butzbach, Germany. I was in the fourth grade I think, and I thought you were hilarious. I bought a tape and listened to it all the time. I drove my mom crazy with it, she thought I was a lunatic. Every song was better than the next, especially “My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny.” You have a gift. You retained the ability to speak with children at their level even after you grew up. You have a real staying power. I guess I wanted to let you know you touched my life with your art, and I hope you continue to touch others for a very long time. Thank you for that.”

– Petra G


“I remember when I was in elementary school you once came and visited my school and I wanted you to know that it had a wonderful impact on me as a child. I am now 24 and have 2 children of my own. I still have the tape I bought from you when I was a child and will share it with my children for years to come. Thank you for your work and smiles.”

– Christin B, Wilson, North Carolina


“I have wanted for some time to drop you a letter to tell you what an influence you have had on my life. My earliest memory of school is of kindergarten and bringing I Eat Kids in for show and tell. I remember I was the most popular kid in my class that day. More importantly, I think that was the day you became my first grown-up (kind of) friend:) I think the fact that I felt so uninhibited singing along with your albums helped lead me to my present career in music. Your albums were the best for imagining though. You were so inspirational to me in that your music always reminded me that as I grew older, I didn’t need to lose my sense of childhood. My brother and I knew every word to every album of yours we owned and we sang them all the time. I wanted to tell you that you were the reason I loved playing as a kid. Music seemed so fun. Now, on days when practicing gets hard and frustrating, I often find myself thinking back to singing your songs and that always makes me laugh. Thank you again, Mr. Polisar, for being my first grownup friend and helping shape my life.”

– Tim R, Chicago, Illinois


“I grew up singing those wonderful songs. I’m 30 now and let me tell you how much these songs helped my sister and I growing up. I think it’s great that your career has blossomed and so many people have enjoyed your songs.”

– Alfa


“I just wanted to say that I have really enjoyed your music for most of the years I’ve been alive. My mother bought one of your records when I was about seven and I still listen to it at the age of 21. Now that I’m planning to be an elementary teacher I’ll be passing your music on to my students!”

– Holly K, Duluth, Minnesota


“Your music changed my life. It opened up a whole world for me, a realization that there were things -completely different- from the world I encountered everyday. And they were great songs, too. You’ve made my world a very fun place.”

– Jeffrey


“My daughter was watching a children’s program on The Learning Channel one morning while I tried to get some things done in the kitchen. When I heard “I’m a three toed. . .” I came running into the family room as I dialed my mother on the phone so that she could have “flash back” with me. You really would have thought I was nuts.”

– Tonya T, Virginia Beach, Virginia


“Let me get down to some serious sucking up: You are a genius! Consider me a huge fan. I’m buying copies of “Juggling Babies” for all my friends (I have a 2-year-old, and so does everybody else I know). “Diaper Rash” is my absolute fave; it’s a small masterpiece. You’re incredible.”

– Tammy G


“I should have written seventeen years ago when I was less articulate: “Naughty Songs” literally changed my life.”

– Sheldon B


“I have been haunted since I was a child by your wonderful music. I just wanted to drop you this line and thank you for your entertaining songs. They are forever a part of my childhood memories. I remember going to my local public library when I was 8 or 9 years old (1980) and checking out your albums and listening to them over and over again. Heck, I still know the words! Your music holds a special place in my heart and now that I’m all grown up (27 years old), have graduated college, and have my own kids (2, 3, and 8) I want to share your music with them. You will never understand how much your work meant to me as a kid. Keep up the wonderful work. You are very special to me.”

– Kevin C, Rockford, Illinois


“I just want to thank you very much for so many years on enjoyment in my life. I was introduced to your music in the early 1980’s. I listened to them all the time while growing up, even well into high school. I now have a son and am raising him on your music. I have found new appreciation for them listening as a parent. I just wanted you to know that I have been a fan of yours for so long, and am very happy to see that you are still making music that is so wonderful for all ages to listen to.”

– Thea M


“I live in a very rural area and weekly treks to a neighboring town with a library introduced my daughters and I to your wonderful recordings. They are now 28, 22 and 19, and have wonderful memories of singing silliness. Thank you for your silliness. Thank you for seeing the world the way you do.”

– Linda C


“When I was about six I found at my local library, two recordings, “I Eat Kids” and “My Brother Thinks He’s a Banana.” I checked them out and listened to them, and thought they were the greatest things I had ever heard. I made copies of them and still have them to this day. I forced my friends to listen to them, and they found them hysterical as well, even at this age. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the music. Thanks for all the musical laughs.”

– Eric J


“I received your album from my grandmother when I was a child. She has run a day care for underprivileged, inner-city children in Minneapolis for over 40 years, and you are one of the children’s favorite artists. I was one of her day care kids when I was younger, and it was there when I was introduced to your music. Your record is years old and badly scratched, yet it has provided me and my younger brother with hours of entertainment. Songs like “Me and You” and “Shut up in the Library” are wonderful. However, my favorite was “My Dentist is an Awfully Nice Man”. That album has been something in my life that I will always remember. I would like to extend a very deep thank you for all of your contributions to children’s music and your obvious commitment to making the world a place to sing about. I also wanted to mention that your “Dentist” song did have an impact on me as I am a registered dental hygienist now and aspiring to enter dental schooling the future. I still think that song is a riot!”

– Krista P, Chicago, Illinois


“Your wonderful humor and approach to children seems to be timeless. Between my son and my neighbor’s children we literally wore out your “albums” in the 70s and 80s. And now I am about to buy your CD for my grandson. I can’t wait!”

– Teri T, Maryland


“I am a twenty year old junior at College who was raised on “Captured Live and in the Act” and “Stanley Stole my Shoelace..” as a kid. I don’t know where my parents heard of him, or where they got the cassettes for me. But as I stumbled onto this website tonight, the lyrics came from songs came back to me like I never stopped listening. I still occasionally sing “Don’t Stick your Finger Up Your Nose” to my friends when they need to hear it. It was such a pleasant surprise to see that he is still singing and making children giggle uncontrollably as they listen.”

– Nora L, Pennsylvania


“I’ve been a fan for almost twenty years. That makes me feel old, but your music makes me feel young again. I wanted to write to thank you for the music, the inspiration, and the laughs. I’ll be entering the wide world of teaching soon, and once I’ve secured a job as a teacher, I’ll be writing again to ask you to perform at whichever school I’m teaching in. When I was in second grade, my mother bought the “I Eat Kids and Other Songs for Rebellious Children” album as a present for me. The very first word I ever looked up in a dictionary was “rebellious.” I didn’t understand how the definition applied to me, but my mother did. She was right. I can play most of the “I Eat Kids” album by memory. “

– Christopher S, Lancaster, Pennsylvania


“I was a student in Fairfax County, VA when I saw you perform first. I dragged some friends to the Williamsburg Public Library when I was a freshman at William & Mary in 1986 to see you again. I remember it being just as fun the second time.”

– James W, Virginia


“I live outside of Cleveland, Ohio. To my surprise this morning, my little guy was watching a show on The Learning Channel and I heard a song that brought back so many memories. Suddenly I was singing at the top of my lungs that I was a “3-Toed Triple Eyed Double-Jointed Dinosaur with Warts Up and Down My Back.” I cannot believe that I remembered all of the words. About 25 years ago, you had visited my school and I was hooked! I was lucky enough that my mother bought me your album, “I Eat Kids.” I listened to it all the time.”

– Caroline A, Garfield Heights, Ohio


“When I was in third grade I went to an assembly at school. This assembly is the only one I remember from elementary school. A wonderful, funny guy came and sang hilarious songs. I was enthralled. I told my parents, who then ordered me a couple of his albums. My sister and I listened to them constantly. I am now a third and fourth grade teacher in Allen Park, Michigan. We often play music in class. At the moment we are listening to “I Eat Kids”. My students love it and request it constantly. I still know the words to every song, and my students often sing along with me. Every time I hear any of your songs, I feel happy. I have told my students all about my third grade memory of listening to you sing. I wanted to thank you for sharing your gifts with the rest of us. I also wanted to thank you for giving me such a wonderful childhood memory. I hope to continue sharing your music with all my students.”

– Laura H, Michigan


“Years ago my Mom bought “Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls” and we as children listened and abused the recording as naughty little children do. This last Christmas, sitting around the fire in Iowa, my family and I fondly remembered that record, trying desperately to recall all of “Leroy, the Late Bloomer” among others. Some time later, I was watching television, and managed to pass over a station which had you singing . I wasn’t really paying attention, until I heard your wonderful voice and character. I was thrilled to know that your work had continued, and from one singer to another, that you still sounded as youthful and wonderful as ever. I am currently in St. Louis with the Opera Theater. My parents drove up to see the show this weekend, and afterwards, I was teasing my mother about something and she immediately started in with a stirring rendition of, “My Mother Ran Away Today”. Your songs have brought us great joy over the years, and oddly enough, a strange and wonderful connection between mother and son during a period of time which managed to last us even through adolescence. Best wishes for a continuing wonderful and inspiring career.”

– Ted G, Queens, New York


“When I was a little girl (I’m 30 now), a 5th grade substitute teacher brought one of your records to school and played it for my class. I was hooked on your songs from then on. Now, as the mother of 3 sons, ages 11, 7, and 3, I am thrilled that they love your music too. My 7 year old son requests that I sing “My Brother Threw Up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny” every night when he goes to bed! I tell my boys about how when I was a little girl, I wrote you a letter and you wrote back, and it was a very thrilling moment for me. As an adult, I just want to thank you for sharing your music, for letting grownups be silly, and for all the times you made me, and my kids, laugh out loud.”

– Christa M, Silver Spring, Maryland


“This past weekend my girlfriend & I got into a pretty heated discussion of the best music of our youth. We are both in our early twenties. She, being a somewhat dizzy, telephony type, explained that Cindy Lauper and Marlo Thomas had the most impact on her childhood. I hasted to my dusty pile of LP’s and queued my horribly-scratched but well-played press of “I Eat Kids” to demonstrate what music really is. She was horrified. I was just as gleeful as ever. Your songs ignite, in me today, the same fluttery bounce that I enjoyed when my too-young parents played them for me years ago. I have grown to be a well-adjusted individual and it is partially your fault. Friends often (probably far too often) ask what the hell is wrong with me; my cryptic response is usually to tell the story of the man and his Chicken with as best a shadow of your flare as I can muster. This is always greeted with the look of confusion that one might give to a car full of circus clowns delivering your pizza. I don’t mind. Anyway, thanks. Thanks for having done the work you have done, and thanks for having done it so well. You have tickled me in a manner so deeply that its resonance will stay in my spirit through every day that I will live. You the man.”

– Roger W


“Just wanted to send you a little note to say that I’ve been a fan of yours since I was four years old (1979) when my mom used to take me to see you play at the library in Baltimore. Even now, when say I’ll do something “tomorrow” my mom sings “chocolate cake…tomorrow!” Your music is one of my fondest memories of growing up — well, you and Dr. Suess. Thanks for blessing my childhood.”

– Karen S


“In 1974 or 1975 you performed at Longfellow Elementary School in Columbia, MD. I loved your album “I EAT KIDS…” (as a matter of fact I still have it). Over the years I’ve told people about it, but never realized that you were still making music. Recently I saw a video clip of yours on TV, which reminded me again of my childhood. I’m 33 years old now and have just had my first child, I can’t wait to share “I EAT KIDS” with her. I just wanted to let you know that you made a lasting impression when you performed at Longfellow 25 years ago. Thank you for making such wonderful music.”

– Susan P


“I am a college sophomore and as a child I owned several of Barry’s recordings. I formed a deep bond with his music, which I honestly feel helped me to get in touch with the innocence and rebelliousness of my youth. Today, finding another fellow student who had the same experiences with Barry’s music always turns into a long session of loud singing and smiles. When I moved into high school, I learned to play the guitar, and Barry’s music was among the first I tried to play. In fact, in my senior year I performed “He Eats Asparagus Why Can’t You Be That Way” in front of 250 fellow students, who I compelled to shout the title line each time it came around (imagine that scene: 250 awkward high-schoolers all throwing away their anxieties and shouting lines to a children’s song- it was wonderful). Since then, I have offered versions of such classics as “I’m a Three Toed Triple Eyed Double-Jointed Dinosaur” and “I Never Brush My Teeth” to my friends, who have greeted it with the same sort of liberating enthusiasm. He has touched and inspired me in so many ways, and his songs bring forth one of the few vestiges of my childhood innocence that I have left. I have noticed that people tend to lose this carefree nature with age, and approach life with a cynicism that dulls the sensations offered by each new experience, not to mention the pain that comes with developing the anxiety of “fitting in” with peers and society. For my part, I want to preserve my innocence and childish trust, and someday hope to inspire these qualities in other children. I feel that music like Barry’s can help to inspire a rejection of these anxieties in others. Even if this alleviation may only be temporary in the chaotic world of a child (or the differently chaotic world of an adult), it is no less beautiful. I want Barry to know that his music helped to forge my identity, and he has inspired me such that I want to follow in his footsteps and do the same with others. And if by any chance this email reaches him, thank you so much for everything that you have given me. Though this may sound extreme, I truly feel that you have helped me to become a confident, inspired adult, who still has ample time and love for the child within him.”

– Aaron F


“I was writing for two reasons first to tell you that I love your work. I have been listening since I was around 6 years old. My grandmother worked in the local library and one day she brought home two albums and my sister, cousins and aunt and I listened to them over and over again. Eventually since my grandmother checked them out so much for us the head of the audio-visual department gave us the albums. They actually wore out because we listen to them so often. About 5 years ago I found two of your tapes (The original recordings and “Juggling Babies”) and played the for my kids, they loved them. When we go on long trips or when we are just going to the store we play them and laugh and sing along. I think you are a wonderful person performer and very funny. “

– April R, Phoenix, Arizona


“I begged my mom to buy your record for me after you had come to perform at my school. I vividly remember being at the record store and my mom was trying to hide it as she went up to the cashier, but I recognized the black and white cover right away and got so excited but had to pretend I hadn’t seen it. I don’t know what year it was (’78, ’79, 80), but I played that record over and over and made sure it never got scratched! A few years later my family moved to Maine and we had to have a yard sale. My mom had put out for sale some of my older, outdated albums. Unknowingly, she had included “I EAT KIDS” in the pile. Some lady snatched it right up and went to my mom to pay for it. My mom realized it was my favorite record and said it was not for sale after all, and set it aside. Later on however, we realized it had been taken. Loosing that record ranked right up there with the pain of moving and leaving all my friends behind. I have thought about that record every year since. Whenever I told friends about these songs or inquired about the album at a record store, I got blank stares and strange looks. Nevertheless, I persevered, and a couple of years ago I sang what I could remember to my boyfriend who worked at For Christmas he surprised me with two of your CDs, “Family Trip” and “Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls”. At last! I exclaimed with child-like delight, “Barry Louis Polisar! That’s it!”. I was so excited, I was shaking. It was just like seeing an old friend after 15 years! If and when I have children, they will be raised on Barry Louis Polisar!!!! This kid, now 28, will always joyously sing along to “Don’t stick your finger up your nose”! A lifelong fan, “

– Ceilidh D


“For years I carted your vinyl albums from place to place as I went from college to jobs to romance. Those albums rode with me long after they were too warped by hot days in the car to play any longer. They are records I hold onto without a player for them….I loved your songs as a kid in the 70’s and early 80’s and now I have my own sleeping upstairs. I’ve loved them in two phases, first as a kid for the pure pleasure of them. Second, when I hauled them out of a box in college and heard the more subtle political humor in them for the first time. There are few things that grow with you like that. With the advent of the internet, here you are and maybe I’ll get to hear those old songs again. Even better, I can play them to my baby girl. Thanks for being here and keep on singing.”

– Airlie R, Durham, North Carolina


“This is the first fan letter I’ve ever written. I came across your site from a link from another such site and was surprised to see your name. “There can only be one Barry Louis Polisar,” I thought, and found my way to your main website. Sure enough, I was right. Back in the 1970s–probably 1977 or so–you came to my elementary school and did a show. You were fabulous. I absolutely loved your music, and still remember your warm and engaging stage presence. My parents bought me your records and I played them until they wore out. Your songs became part of our family “car song” repertoire. And it was years before I could look at anything written by Saul Bellow without having “My Brother Thinks He’s a Banana” run through my head. Anyway, thanks for the years of enjoyment. I’m glad to see you’re still around. My children will definitely be listening to your music.”

– Amanda R, Chicago, Illinois


“I played your record so many times when I was little that 20 years later I still remember all the words. Singing along to the CD in the car on my way to work put me in the BEST MOOD. It was really my favorite music growing up. I have fond memories of seeing you perform live a couple of times.”

– Kimberly G, Los Angeles, California


“Oh your songs do have staying power, believe me–even down here in the antipodes! If it is not too depressing for you (!), we were singing and laughing along to your songs 20 or so years ago. I have just told my daughter –now 32–that I have “found” the recordings again and she cannot wait to introduce her little ones to them. So, well done!”

– Marilyn M, Wellington, New Zealand


“I used your music when I first started my teaching career in 2nd grade. Now in my 20th year of teaching, I am working with 7th and 8th graders. Students in middle school need help with that self-esteem concept too.”

– L. Clark, Kingwood, Texas


“I looked up your lyrics on Google and it brought me right to your web site. Childhood recaptured with the click of a mouse. Who could ask for more?”

– Karen M, San Diego, California


“Our Grandmother lived in a small town in Iowa�population 600. Throughout most of the eighties, all of the cousins spent summers there, sifting through the books and records at the library. My brother discovered your albums and we danced, sang and laughed to your songs. As we grew up, many became musicians themselves and sing-alongs have included a song or two from your albums. Seeing your website rekindled many great memories for me. I’m so glad to see you are still blessing children and adults with your gift. Did you even know your music was available in Podunk , Iowa? Thanks again for blessing my family.”

– Carrie G, Aurora, Illinois


” We love “Don’t Put your finger in your nose?” Using it for our disease prevention puppet show.”

– Rosie B, Imperial, California


“I listened to Barry Louis Polisar’s early albums twenty eight thousand times “The Craster” poem is 1 of only 2 pieces of writing that’s managed to permanently embed itself in the bedrock of my brain. And the “three slinged flotchet” poem is 2 of 2? Can’t wait to get the CD’s! The last time I heard those songs was on vinyl!”

– George K, Durham, New Hampshire


“My kids are 24, 26 and 28 and can sing most of your songs by heart. I was just worried that my grandkids wouldn’t be able to hear your music first-hand. Back when the kids were little, I used to borrow your albums from the library, so we had nothing to pass down. What a blessing that I can still purchase your music! Keep up the good work!””

– Sandy C, Wilmington, Delaware


“We received your album in the early 80’s when my kids were 1,5 and 8…it was played over and over…Now my son is 25, plays guitar and would like to teach some of the songs to his girlfriend?s first grade class..I had forgot how much fun this album was. My son remembered most of the words from when he was little. Thank You for bringing back some of their childhood memories for me.”

– Tina M, Watertown, New York


“Last night my 22 year old daughter and I were talking and she was telling me about the times we went to the Library to listen to you sing and tell stories. She still has the book that you signed. We looked you up on the Web and then my son who is 20 started to talk to us about you. It was amazing how much of the songs they remembered and how much fun they had as kids. I am glad that are still around to share your wonderful talents.”

– JoDee D, Baltimore, Maryland


“I wanted to tell you what happened at my wedding. I gave my pleasantly surprised cousins “Naughty songs for boys and girls” at the rehearsal dinner, and they returned the surprise by interspersing excerpts of “Don’t Stick Your Finger Up Your Nose” in the “Pachabel” hoe-down during the ceremony reception. They had 2 violins, 2 guitars, and a cello, so it was fabulous. Is that a first for you…having “Don’t Stick” part of a wedding ceremony? “

– Carrie S, Aurora, Illinois


“I was just ordering some of your CDs for my sister and her new baby. We listened to your records when we were kids, and now I’m 30 and she’s 32, and we’ve never stopped singing your songs. We even remember all the words from “they said eat the broccoli”…and…”

– Dave Vm Durham, North Carolina


“I’ve just ordered one of your CDs and what a fantastic album!! I used to check out our local library’s vinyl of this album NEARLY EVERY TIME I went to the library–which was about once a week. I probably haven’t heard it for 16 years but I can still recite a few of the songs by heart…..They’re work of pure genius and I’m sure once I listen to the CD, all the other songs will come rushing back. Thank you for your contribution to the happiness of children and adults worldwide ! ! !”

– Erica M, Rush City, Minnesota


“Thank you for making your irreplaceable and matchless early work available�as well as your current catalog. We have such gratitude that later generations will share in the delight and insight out kids got out of your poetry and music.”

– Michele L, New Mildord, New Jersey


” When I was in 5th grade, I went once a week to the local library. I hung out, listened to albums, browsed books. One album was Barry’s. I checked it out, and was blown away. I laughed, then wondered if I was allowed to listen to songs like that. We moved, and I tried now and again to find those songs, but no one ever knew what I was talking about. I had snippets in my head of songs but gave up on reconnecting. Yesterday, I’m browsing the iTunes children’s category, and I see a bearded fellow and think “no way… is that that guy?” One click and I knew it was. Woah, flashback. Still funny stuff. Now I get to introduce it to my kids. Thanks.”

– Chad, Cyberspace


” Thank you so much for your music and your example! I will never forget your visit to my elementary school back in the mid 80s. Thanks for being a pioneer of the concept of bringing the instruction to the child’s interests – there couldn’t be a better (or more fun) example of meeting kids where they are and making it real for them. As a parent of a young child, and as a part of a preK-education program, I’m as thrilled or more with your approach now as I was back in the second grade. “

– Jennifer H, Riverdale, Maryland


“Wonderful music. My husband and his brother listened when they were kids and now our three sons are listening with great amusement. Your songs are ageless gifts which span the generations.”

– Noelle B, Albequerque, New Mexico