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Guest Book Comments on Juno


“It is amazing to rediscover you after all these years! I just saw the movie Juno and your song in the opening credits immediately blasted me back in time. I had lost these recordings a long time ago so I am thrilled that you are making the “old stuff” available. I am also pleased to find that you are still out there making great music! “

– Christine L., New York, New York


“I was thrilled to read about you in the Reliable Source in The Washington Post today. My family saw you at Wolf Trap when I was a little girl and I have NEVER forgotten your song about the boy next door who eats asparagus. I just wanted to let you know that your music left an indelible mark and I am now ordering CDs from your website. Hooray !! Thanks for all the smiles.”

– Ali O., Santa Barbara, California


“You are someone who helped to shape my imagination as a child. Your music brings back powerful memories. You came and played at my school in Virginia and I went to see you at some outdoor event at a park. My wife told me about the article she saw in the Washington Post about one of your songs being in a new movie. I’ll go see that movie just to hear your song again. I just want you to know what a positive impact you made on me in my youth. I could listen to your music with my parents and feel totally connected. Please don’t ever stop making your music and filling imaginations with your rhyme, wit and words.”

– David K., Virginia


“I have had your songs memorized since I was four (about 23 years ago), and thirty seconds into watching “Juno” and hearing your song, I vowed to get all your CDs for my kids. “

– Sarah A. Del Mar, California


“I am 25 years old and have been loving Barry’s music since I was 4. Hearing “All I Want is You” in the opening credits of the movie Juno prompted me to order your CDs; while I don’t have children yet, I want to make sure that someday my kids are singing along to Polisar music in the car. Barry Louis Polisar is a genius.”

– Haile F., Federal Way, Washington


“Nearly thirty years ago, I had the pleasure of hearing you perform at my Elementary school. A rush of wonderful memories returned as I listened to your song for the JUNO soundtrack, and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for that musical connection to my youth, and to wish you congratulations in your continued success.”

– Dr. Andrew B., Concord, North Carolina


“In 1979, I was the weird little kid singing along to all your songs. It’s only after years and years and a perfectly good college education that I realize what a genius you are, and what a despicable influence on my life you have been. Thanks in part to you, I’m a poet and and songwriter, whereas I could have been a competent investment banker or surgeon or lawyer, and able to provide my family with adequate health insurance. Nonetheless, I was awash with reminiscence at the viewing of the film “Juno”. Hooray for you!!! Hallelujah!!! Couldn’t happen to a better guy!!! Anyhow, I’m going to CD Baby to buy all your catalog for my 2 year old daughter. May God have mercy on her soul…All the best, and seriously thank you for being who you are and fearlessly doing what you do.”

– Rob H.


“My wife and I went to see Juno last night, and during the opening song, I leaned over to my wife and told her, “I think this is the same guy I listened to as a kid!” Came home to look up the soundtrack and found out I was right. You’re unique voice and style are burned into my head. I must have listened to “My Brother Thinks He’s a Banana” over and over and over as a kid. Glad to know you are still working and still turning out great songs. We will be picking up the soundtrack from Juno, as your song was just the first of many great tunes from a wonderful movie. Thanks again for all your work. “

– Rick F., Florence, Arizona


“I, along with my children and grandchildren, have been listening to your enchanting music for over thirty years. You have been such a wonderful part of our family it feels as though you are a younger brother or close friend. Imagine my delight at hearing one of your songs in the beginning scene of the movie Juno. I clapped with delight and was captured by the movie immediately. I thought “if Barry Louis Polisar is part of this movie, it will be awesome!” and I was right. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievment.”

– Esther M., Los Angeles, California


“When I went to see Juno I was set back by the opening song. I whispered to my friend that the voiced sounded like a singer I used to listen to when I was a kid. I immediately went out and bought the soundtrack and was re-introduced to your music! I must have been about 10 when I would walk to the library to check out “Naughty Songs for Boys & Girls” on LP. My sister and I still break into “Never Cook your sister in a frying pan…” for her kids. I loved your music and I’m excited to start snatching up copies of your CDs. Thanks so much for your creative approach and for helping me become the silly adult that I am.”

– Gina W., Ph.D., Mankato, Minnesota


“I just got home from watching Juno with my husband, and I wanted to let you know how much you warped my childhood! I heard your awesome song at the beginning of the movie and something, somewhere at the back of my brain clicked. I grew up listening to tapes my dad made for me of your records. They were my favorite songs, and I wore the tapes out. When your song came on during the credits, I recognized your voice and made my husband wait until all the end credits had played so I could see if I was right. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do, and to let you know that your music had made such an impression, I had recognized your voice years later and out of context. I’m so glad to see the songs I loved are now available on cd. I will be getting them for my own children!”

– Kristina G.


“Like many people, I recently went to see Juno. While watching the opening credits, I turned to my wife and said, “That’s Barry Louis Polisar. I still have my (very scratched up) copy of I Eat Kids which every now and again I still sing songs from. I’m glad to see I can get a new scratch free CD version for my kids to enjoy. Great to hear you are still around.”

– John S.


“My four kids grew up listening to your tapes and it was so much fun seeing the emails fly in when they saw Juno and heard the opening song. When I saw it, I almost started crying. I’m thrilled that you’re getting this kind of exposure, I used to give your tapes away as presents all the time. Best of luck and thanks for the laughs.”

– Cecelia B., Gaithersburg, Maryland


“Wow! In 1978 or 1979 a friend introduced us to your music. The only album I have is “My Brother Thinks He’s a Banana” and we wore it out as my kids grew. My son recognized your song when he went to see “Juno” and was excited to tell all his friends! My kids always grew up with a warped sense of humor and we encouraged it. You were a part of that developing humor. Thank you so much. Now, I can order cd’s and start training my 4 year old grandson and infant granddaughter too! I still have the old album but it is too scratched to play…Thanks for your music. I’m looking forward to hearing the other albums also!”

– Anna H., Minnesota


“When I was in elementary school in the early 80’s Barry performed at my school and I loved it. I remember songs like “Don’t Stick Your Finger Up Your Nose” and “With a giggle and a hug.” I now have a son that I plan to share this music with. I’m happy to see that he’s still writing and I love the song from the movie Juno. I have so many happy childhood memories, and I’ll never forget listening to my Barry Louis Polisar album.”

– Fan from long ago


“Juno opened in France yesterday, and, of course, I went to see it. The movie theater was full, there were lots of ads for the movie everywhere, so I was sooooo happy and proud when the movie started and I heard your song.”

– Julia V., Paris, France


“I saw Juno, and loved the opening sequence. About a month later I read an article in my local paper and discovered that it was you who wrote and performed that song. I was blown away. You came and performed at Poquoson Elementary School in the late 80s or early 90s. I was teaching third grade at the time, and your stuff was right up my alley. I bought your songbook Noises From Under the Rug and several of your songs became staples in my classroom. I still run into kids, now in their 20s and 30s, who remember me strumming and crooning (if you could call it that) “I’ve Got a Teacher, She’s So Mean”, “I’m a 3-Toed…Dinosaur”, and “Never Cook Your Sister in a Frying Pan”, among others. Good luck with your “sudden” notoriety and “overnight success”.”

– Eric P., Poquoson, Virginia


“I was so excited to hear your song on the “Juno” soundtrack. I saw you perform in the mid 1970s. Our family has loved your music for the past 30 years!! Keep up the great work and success.”

– Melissa C., Maryland


“My brother and I grew up on your songs. I think we had every album! I even sang “But I’m Just 13” in a talent show once! I now have 2 children of my own, and the oldest likes your songs. He is so impressed I know all the words to “My Brother Thinks He’s A Banana!” When sitting in the movie theater and watching Juno, I was so surprised to hear your music! Wow! It must be so great for you to have been doing this for all these years, and to get your song on a soundtrack! Congratulations! Keep doing what you love, and loving what you do!”

– Windy L.


“My husband and I went to see Juno. As I heard the opening song, I frantically whispered to my husband, “This is Barry Louis Polisar, Barry Louis Polisar! I have his album!!” (not having any idea beforehand that you wrote this song, I couldn’t believe it). I recognized your voice and tone because I sang your songs over and over and over again many moons ago…sometimes I still sing your songs. Now I have two stepsons who are almost 8 and 10 and before they get too old am trying to sneak your music into their lives. Thanks for the old memories, and hopefully the new!”

– Susie P, Washington, DC


“I’ve listened to you since I was a kid and now I am a teacher! I still remember your songs by heart and knew it was you the second I heard your voice in Juno.”

– Erin


“I discover you through Juno. Thank you for your happiness.”

– Benoit, Vietnam


“I just saw Juno and as soon as the opening credits started I leaned over to my friend and said that’s Barry Louis Polisar…I stayed through the end credits just to be sure and was pleased I was right. I first listened to you as a child when I lived in Columbia, MD and then when my children were born I managed to find you again and buy several of the CDs for my kids to enjoy. Anyway, I still love your music and gave your website address to my friend for her kids to become new fans. Congrats on the song being included in such a great film!”

– Christine S. Jacksonville, Florida


“As a child, I listened to your albums over and over again. I remember seeing you play in person. I swear I was your biggest fan. I was reminded of you years later after watching the opening credits in Juno. Now that I have your album again, I’m having fun re-visiting. Thank you for being a part of a most memorable and imaginative childhood.”

– Michelle, LA, California


“I received “My Brother Thinks He’s A Banana” back in 1980. I absolutely loved it and listened to it often throughout the years with my younger sister and brother. While my friends and and siblings were having children, I always included your songs in the mix CDs I made for them. Last year, my husband and I adopted a baby boy and the first song I ever played for him was “All I Want is You.” So imagine how shocked and thrilled I was when I went to see the movie Juno after adopting my son. I was so happy to see that a fellow fan had a platform to expose more people to your wonderful music, and I thought it worked beautifully with the opening credits. Thanks for the music!”

– L. P.


“Oh, man, Barry. What a shock it was to be walking through my office the other day and hear “All I Want Is You,” for the first time in at least 25 years, coming out of the computer speakers of one of my younger co-workers. I stopped dead in my tracks, spun around and yelled “That’s Barry Louis Polisar! How do you have Barry Louis Polisar? So, well done on that Juno soundtrack, my friend. I was thrilled to discover that your old stuff is now on iTunes, and was finally able to reclaim, in digital form, my beloved copy of “I Eat Kids” that my mom chucked so long ago. I was proud that I still remembered most of the words. You were like punk rock to all the kids I knew growing up in the early 80s. You drove our square parents crazy, and we loved you all the more for it. Your concert at our Elementary was mindblowing–you dared to sing the Underwear song in front of Mrs. E. We talked about that for a whole week.”

– John M. New York, New York


“I’m 36 years old and I had your first album on VINYL!! I just watched Juno, and I heard that first song, and I said to my husband, Wow, I bet that’s Barry Louis Polisar, and sure enough…there you were! I never forgot your music–it was cute and catchy and smart and fun. I just re-ordered your CDs on iTunes (got them the first time on VINYL))…we’re going on nearly 30 years, and I can still remember most of the words.”

– Nikki M., Lutherville, Maryland


“I was raised on your music…”Naughty Songs for Boys and Girls” was my absolute favorite childhood music. A few weeks ago a friend was playing the Juno soundtrack in her car. As soon as I heard your voice, I yelled out, “I KNOW THIS GUY!” Memories of singing, laughing, and playing flooded me and I was almost moved to tears. Here’s the best part: I teach kindergarten in an “at-risk” public school and have woven your music into our curriculum. The kids more than love it. You bring them so much joy. Thank you for helping them learn and making them laugh every day.”

– Brittany B, Washington, DC


“Our kids were raised on your music. Tonight, we just watched JUNO and I said, “That sounds like the guy who wrote those songs.’ My 16 year old son said, “Barry Louis Polisar?” So, I googled and sure enough, it’s you!”

– E. Duke, Fairfax, Virginia


“I was so lucky to discover your music in the early 90s! My nephew visited us from Canada in Marin County, CA starting when he was 7, in 1991, for seven summers. We listened to your music endlessly and loved it! You write and perform the funniest children’s songs and the sweetest love songs. One anniversary I cued up “I Need You Like a Doughnut Needs a Hole” and played it for my husband first thing, My nephew is now 23 and emailed me in early January that he had seen Juno and the title track was by you! I went that night to see Juno and my tears started at the opening credits! Tears of joy with fond memories of those summers we shared together. We now have a nine year old daughter, very musical, and she loves your music too!!”

– Susan S., a big fan in Toronto, Canada


“My kids grew up on you back in the 70s…I went to see JUNO and there you were, oh joy, sweet memory…and I discovered you are still there, perfect for my grandchildren. And I am very grateful.”

– Mary V., Corry, Pennsylvania


“I had to write you and tell you how happy I am to have found your music again!! It was about 1983 when a friend of my mom’s gave her a tape that she thought my little sister and I would like. I was immediately addicted and listened to it over and over and over again. It was my favorite music for years. I remember singing along at the top of my lungs and just loving it! But then I became a teenager, musical tastes changed, we moved – a few times – and that tape was lost. I’ve thought about it a few times over the years, but could never remember who the musician was…all I remembered was that the name started with a B. Two years ago when I got pregnant and started thinking about all those great childhood memories that I wanted to expose my own child to, this music was one of them. But I was at a complete loss as to who it was. So you cannot imagine my excitement when, driving home from work today, I got out my ipod to play the Juno soundtrack for my now 17 month old daughter. We haven’t seen the movie yet, but my husband has been playing the music for our daughter and had told me how much she’d enjoyed it. So – today I thought I would listen. The first song was GREAT…I loved it, as did my daughter, dancing and smiling in the backseat. So (at a red light) I picked up the ipod to see who the musician was and was hit over the head with the name… Barry Louis Polisar! Could it be??? I got home, made dinner, put the baby to bed and looked you up in Google. I have found your music again!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband thought I was nuts when I went running, jumping and cheering, into the kitchen to tell him what I had discovered. Thank you for years of great musical enjoyment in my youth and in advance for the next many years of enjoyment with my daughter.”

– Silke S, Atlanta, Georgia


“Juno is my new favorite movie, but best of all was your voice ringing out in the opening scene! You came to my school and sang for us in the 70’s and 80’s. I have original copies  of your earliest albums and know all the songs by heart. My two little boys have heard me sing your songs and I was so happy to Google your name and discover you continued to follow your bliss and take your music to a wider audience. It is great to know I can get your books and music.”

– Rebecca W., Richmond, Virginia


“I recently rediscovered your wonderful collection of music when I saw Juno and was instantly put back in time about 25 years! My sister and I used to borrow your records (yes, real records) from the Public Library. They were our favorites!! I remember seeing you in concert, and somewhere I still have a scrap of paper with your autograph on it (you were the first celebrity I’d ever met!). I’m now 32, and just had a baby. She absolutely needs to grow up on your music too, and I’ve already ordered the first CD in her collection from your web site.”

– Kelly F., Vero Beach, Florida


“I couldn’t resist writing. You see, I grew up in the 70s singing your songs. My sisters, brother and I listened to your albums (yes, albums – “My brother thinks he’s a banana”, “naughty song for boys and girls”) so many times that I can still sing MANY complete songs from memory…About a month ago, my 13 year old son told me we just HAD to see JUNO together. When the theme song came on, I could hardly believe my ears… I sang along with such glee that my son, husband and mother-in-law were quite perplexed ( I had pulled out those old albums when he was born – but didn’t have a good turn-table). I immediately called my younger sister (now 36) and we reminisced about old times singing those songs over and over again. This week, she sent me an email with a link to your website…I am in heaven…Thanks for the many many hours of enjoyment and laughter you have given my family and me.”

– Patricia


“I recently bought your CD off Amazon. My mom bought that record for me when I was 8 years old (20 years ago) and I still own it but I don’t have a record-player anymore. Yours was my favorite record of all time and I continue to sing the songs today. I hadn’t heard the record for many years but when we rented Juno the other night, I immediately recognized your voice. I was so glad to find you on the internet. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your music and how important it was for me in my formative years. It’s great to rediscover you and I thought you should know that a grown-up lawyer sings your songs 20 years later to her coworkers. Thanks for creating such fabulous music.”

– Kyra H., Hillsboro, Oregon