Don’t Do That

Don’t Do That!

A Child’s Guide to Bad Manners, Ridiculous Rules and Inadequate Etiquette

by Barry Louis Polisar
illustrated by David Clark
$14.95, 32 p. color illustrated.
ISBN# 0-938663-20-8

“This new edition of an old favorite, now with new full-page, full color illustrations is as irrepressibly funny as ever. Children will laugh because they can recognize themselves and their thoughts in true-life situations and adults will smile and hopefully remember what it was like to be a child. And perhaps all readers will learn not to take themselves too seriously.”
– School Library Journal

“A true original. If you believe a little rebelliousness is good for the soul, by all means check out Barry Louis Polisar.”
– Family Fun Magazine

“Barry Polisar has the unusual ability to write about children as seen from a child’s point of view. Popular with kids because they can relate to the situations.”
– Teacher Magazine

“Children love him and so do adults with memories and a sense of humor…He’s well worth seeking out.”
– US News and World Report

It’s Miss Manners for kids–as only Barry Louis Polisar could write it!! This funny and fun loving guide to misbehaving properly is perfect for introducing kids to manners because the examples are totally absurd. Topics include: “How to Play with your Food,” “Family Trips and Riding in the Car” and much more. Kids get the ideas and enlightened adults will see right through them to the warm-hearted sense underneath. Already a classic! A witty and hilarious book by the author whom Tom Lehrer described as “a delightfully subversive antidote to Mr. Rogers.”

“Barry Louis Polisar is a one-man symphony of comic irony,” writes The Baltimore Sun. “At a time when vast numbers of our kids see school as endless drudgery, Polisar says otherwise. He says, isn’t the English language fun?”

Please Note: This title is also available in a Spanish language edition.

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