Noga Vilozny

Noga Vilozny

Noga Vilozny is a Santa Cruz, California artist who combines R&B, jazz, soul, and gospel with an infusion of world music, specializing in Flamenco, middle-eastern, and north African musical influences.

“I’ve adored Barry’s music since I was a little girl,” she says. “My dad checked out his record from the local library and we kept renewing it. I’ll bet no-one else in Santa Cruz county ever got to hear that album for a year! This project feels like a true grass-roots collaboration… and how fun that so many “grown-up” fans of Barry’s timeless songs get to now be connected to such a loved songwriter! I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels truly touched to be collaborating with someone I’ve admired since I was so young. What a beautiful full-circle celebration!”

Noga has recorded amazing covers of Barry’s songs Shut Up in the Library and All I Want is You, which closes the Tribute Album.

Listen to Noga’s cover of “Shut Up in the Library”

Listen to Noga’s cover of  “All I Want is You”