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Hear an except from Barry's 2007 public radio interview on how his song was chosen for Juno.

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December, 2009 Public Radio Interview with David Furst

We're Not Kidding!
Two years ago, children's music artist Barry Louis Polisar hit the equivalent of the songwriter's lottery. An old song of his from 1977 was chosen to open the Academy Award-winning film Juno...and the soundtrack went on to win a Grammy award and sell over a million copies. Now, a 2-CD tribute has just been released called We're Not Kidding: A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar. The collection covers musical styles ranging from hip hop, to folk, jazz, Klezmer and rock. Barry Louis Polisar joined Metro Connection host David Furst in the studio in December, 2009 to talk about this new collection of songs.

Hear an excerpt of Barry's interview and listen in on the conversation about how a group of musicians--many who had Barry's recordings when they were growing up--recorded his songs.
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