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Photos from Barry's return Author Visit to Whitehall Elementary School in 2016

Barry reads his poem about the Sweetlips fish

...and the kids listen....

Capturing the audience with a dramatic reading...

...and the audience reacts!

Barry sings his songs, recites poems, tells stories, and reads from his books

And the audience laughs and smiles...

Time for a song...

Checking to see who else thinks this is funny...

While Barry shares one of his books...

"This is pretty funny stuff!"

Barry reads a poem about the Proboscis Monkey

And the kids react after hearing another poem!

A surprise ending and a metaphor for something else...

Okay, this is definitely funny.

Well, no one said poems can't be funny.

Clapping along to one of Barry's songs...

...and laughing at the lyrics...

The kids listen carefully to catch all the words...

Time for another song...

Singing for the younger kids...

Showing some of the rough drafts that go into writing a book...

And sharing another book...

Singing a monster song....about diaper rash!

And sharing a laugh along with the students...

Howling and singing I Wannna Be A Dog

All Photos by Melissa Blanchard Arroyo

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