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Other Writings

Before there were blogs, Barry began posting new songs, poems and stories here. Read additional writings by Barry or hear some unreleased songs by clicking on the links below.

Barry's First Story
written when he was eight years old.

Chubby's Letter
Barry's dog wrote a letter to Dear Abby and the mailman...but no one ever wrote back!

I Am a Cookie
Barry's daughter wrote her first song when she was only two years old. It was funny enough that Barry decided to record it!

Eating The Cat
Learning Spanish was always hard.

A simple poem but of course its about something more than just soup!

Instructor Magazine
asked Barry to write an article for teachers on using music in the schools

On Fame and Juno
Barry writes about having his song in the hit movie Juno.

On Censorship
Barry presents an author's view on banning books.

An Eventual Obituary
Who gets to write their own obituary?

About the New Recordings
Looking backwards and moving forward.

Sheldon Biber:
March, 1935-August, 2008

Some thoughts on Cousin Sheldon.

Gene Weingarten's Song Challenge
The humor columnist for The Washington Post challenged Barry to write a children's song on a topic he'd pick...and then published the lyrics in his column.

Old McDonald Had A Farm
A song Barry wrote for Gene Weingarten's humor column that didn't get used.

I Ought To Know Jack
Lyrics and music to Barry's unreleased song based on a great song by folksinger Jack Hardy.

Sage Advice for Musicians: How to Succeed in the Music Business without Really Trying
Read Excerpts from Barry's January, 2011 interview with the music Magazine, Insomniac.

Finding Contentment
Read Barry's June, 2011 interview with Stefan Shepherd of Zooglobble.

Tireless Efforts
Why buy a place filled with old cars, rusty junk and tires?

Talkin Trash
Recent photos of Barry in his "spare" time.

Ebb and Flow
Read about Barry's clean-up efforts on the Chesapeake Bay and what they revealed

Another Worthy Project
Barry might love singing and writing, but he really wants to dig up trash!

A Passover Haggadah
Telling The Story is Barry's own version of a Passover Haggadah. This is not one of Barry's books for children and not part of his school presentations. This easy to use Haggadah follows all the traditional steps but explains the holiday in a way that is accessible to all, connecting the holiday back to it's original spiritual origins.

A Rosh Hosanna Service
More spiritual stuff! Barry's simple Rosh Hoshona holiday service can be used to mark the beginning of the Jewish New Year in a family setting with words from the heart that embrace the spirit of the holiday.

Retelling Genesis
Barry's newest book is also for adults and retells thirteen stories from the book of Genesis from the point of view of many of the secondary characters--often women-- who are not given a voice in the original narrative. Think of it as Zen Torah.

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