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Dinosaurs I Have Known--paperback $7.95
Noises From Under the Rug Songbook--paperback $7.95
Stolen Man--paperback $7.95
Telling The Story--paperback $7.95
Retelling Genesis--paperback $7.95
Insect Soup:Bug Poems--hardback $14.95
Haunted House Party--hardback $14.95
Don't Do That--hardback $14.95
The Trouble With Ben--hardback $14.95
Peculiar Zoo--hardback $14.95
Snakes and The Boy--hardback $14.95
The Snake Who Was Afraid--hardback $14.95
A Little Less Noise--hardback $14.95
Curious Creatures--hardback $14.95
Something Fishy--hardback $14.95
We're Not Kidding! A Tribute to
Barry Louis Polisar 2-CD set $14.95
Old Enough To Know Better: The Worst of
Barry Louis Polisar 2-CD set $14.95
A Little Different $14.95
Old Dogs, New Tricks $14.95
Teacher's Favorites $14.95
Family Trip $14.95
Juggling Babies $14.95
Naughty Songs for Boys & Girls $14.95
Family Concert $14.95
I Eat Kids & Other Songs $14.95
My Brother Thinks He's a Banana $14.95
Captured Live and In the Act $14.95
Off Color Songs for Kids $14.95
Stanley Stole My Shoelace $14.95
Songs for Well Behaved Children $14.95

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