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Trouble...What Trouble?

by Barry Louis Polisar

Two heads are better than one they say,
And just when we thought we were done,
We knew a good thing when we saw one so
We had another one.
Trouble is double when you've got two,
But trouble has yet to find me.
Noah knew, it's better with two...
Besides, we could have had three!
Trouble...what trouble?

One just swallowed a safety pin
That she found lying on the floor.
One dumped over the plant stand,
One caught his hand in the back porch door.
One fell into the toilet,
One fell out of the car,
One climbed into the dryer,
One threw-up on my guitar.
Trouble...what trouble?

One will grab the telephone cord
While the other one goes for the trash.
One just fell of the kitchen table,
The other's got diaper rash.
One just tripped and fell down the stairs,
The other got bit by the dog.
One's been crying since yesterday.
One peed on the Sears catalog.
Trouble...what trouble?

One threw his oatmeal onto the wall.
One smeared it into his hair.
One is teething on my leg.
The other's teething on our antique chair.
One dismantled the playpen.
One's working on the bassinet.
One ate a plate of plastic fruit
And they're not even walking yet.
Trouble...what trouble?

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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