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Town of Round

by Barry Louis Polisar

Back in the days when the world was flat,
Before Columbus and all of that.
In the town of round, there lived a square;
The only square anywhere.
He had no family, had no friends,
All the rounds around would recommend
He be like them or leave their town;
Squares don't fit in a town for rounds.

But if you're a square, it's hard to move
'Cause your corners dig in and you find that you've
Gotten sorta settled; it's awfully hard
To leave the trees and the flowers in your yard.
Well they all got together and gathered around
And tried to push him out of their town;
But as they pushed and as they heaved,
A strange thing happened that you wouldn't believe.

They rolled and tumbled and couldn't get a hold
Kept bumping around uncontrolled.
They bounced and banged, and when they'd hit,
They chipped and dented, cracked and split;
Into triangles, into squares,
Semi-circles were everywhere.
And all of a sudden they realized
Everybody was a different size;
A different size and a different shape,
And squares all over the whole landscape.
And that's the way it came to be;
I'm not talkin' 'bout geometry.
Seems a little bit unfair,
Start out round, end up square.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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