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There's No Substitute For a Cat (Redux)

by Barry Louis Polisar

There's no Substitute for a cat,
Round and soft and often fat,
Sittin' in the window in the sun;
A dog won't ever be this much fun.

A cat will sleep at the foot of your bed
Or curl up in a ball right by your head.
She'll lick her paws and start to doze,
She'll sleep in a basket filled with clothes.

A cat will sleep curled up on the rug
Or in a cardboard box, really snug.
She'll sleep on the sofa--or by the door,
Or stretched right out on the living room floor.

A cat will sleep in your favorite chair;
Leave your coat on the floor and she'll sleep there.
She just needs a spot to take a nap;
And you'll sit real still when she's on your lap.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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