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Shut Up in the Library

by Barry Louis Polisar

Shut up in the library, she don't care what you have to say;
No noise, no clatter, no chatter, no laughter, we're not in here to play.

She wants your nose inside a book and she wants to see your pass
And you better have a good reason why you are not in class.

You against the window, wipe that grin off of your face;
What do you think you are doing chewing bubble gum in this place?

Don't lean the chair against the wall, put those legs down on the floor,
You over there, she sees you trying to sneak out the door.

If you must go to the bathroom, one by one you'll take your turn.
The next one who talks has had it, you know you're here to learn.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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