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Sally Eats Shoelaces, Straw and String

by Barry Louis Polisar

Sally eats shoelaces, straw and string,
But she won't eat cole slaw or anything
Her mother says is good for her, she says she's had enough.
Her father says, "to eat"; she says she stuffed.

Sally eats cardboard, sticks and rocks,
but she won't eat cream cheese or bagel and lox.
They fed her shredded wheat; her lips shut tight.
She's as weird as her appetite.

She'll suck her thumb, she'll chew on her hair,
But no chicken cordon beau, no chocolate eclair.
She doesn't care for pears, macaroni and cheese,
Oh, she won't try pie, potatoes, or peas.

I'm telling you children, don't be like that;
It's no way to weigh less, better to be fat.
She eats like a bird--no more like a goat,
And nothing good goes down her throat.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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