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Marvin Doesn't Like the New Baby

by Barry Louis Polisar

Marvin doesn't like the new baby, the baby doesn't like him
Nobody has time for Marvin now, nobody coo-coo-coo-ka-choos his chin
The baby pulls his tail and wails and cries
Nobody sings Marvin lullabies

Marvin doesn't like the new baby, the baby just howls and howls
Marvin sits on the sofa and lets out a little growl
First it was the dog and that was something he stood
But it wasn't his idea to try parenthood

Marvin doesn't like the new baby, I don't think he ever will
Baby gets all the attention now, Marvin sits on the windowsill
There's really nothing to her 'cept spit and drool
And Marvin can't wait til she grows up and goes to school

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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