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Marching Shoulder to Shoulder

by Barry Louis Polisar

We're marching shoulder to shoulder
To demand equal rights for kids.
We're not just "cute", we're important.
We're throwing off our chains and our bibs.

Children of the world, its time to unite;
It's time to organize and stand up for what is right.
We've got nothing to lose but our diapers and our pins
And if we all stick together, I know that we can win.

We're marching shoulder to shoulder.
Being under three feet tall is now in style.
We're the front for kid's liberation;
Spare the rod and spoil the child.

Down with "Children will speak only when they're spoken to",
We ain't just kids, we're human beings too you know.
We wanna be heard and we know that we'll be seen.
We won't trust anybody who is over thirteen.

We're marching shoulder to shoulder,
Were gonna speak up when we have something to say.
Suppose they gave a birthday party...
And nobody came?

Were marching shoulder to shoulder;
Down with playpens and nursery schools;
Climb out of your high chairs, this fight is for you;
We want bread and roses...and chocolate cake, too.
We're tired of being pampered, we're tired of being coddled,
We're making molotov cocktails from our baby bottles.

Were marching shoulder to shoulder,
The times are gonna change one day.
They can send us to their rooms and they can yell and they can spank us,
They can make us go to bed, but one day they're gonna thank us.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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