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Lucky To Be Alive

by Barry Louis Polisar

You can fall out of your window,
You can fall out of a tree,
Scrape your elbow, stub your toe
Or trip and skin your knee.
You might slip in your bath tub,
You might step on your rake,
Catch your finger in a door
Or get bitten by a snake.

So many ways to hurt yourself,
So many ways to fall;
Off a bike or off a sled
Or running down the hall.
You might trip on your shoelace,
You might fall from your bed,
You might walk right into a door
And bang your little head.

Watch out for boiling water,
Watch out for for the frozen lake,
Watch out for floods and famine,
And don't choke on your steak.
There are hurricanes and lightning
And bad stuff in the air;
You can get stung by a bumble bee
Or eaten by a bear.

There's danger everywhere you turn,
You must learn to survive;
You always have to take a chance and
Feel lucky to be alive,
Lucky to be alive.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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