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I Love Your Eyes

by Barry Louis Polisar

I love your eyes, I love your ears,
I love your elbows too.
I love your thighs, I'm hypnotized
By every inch of you.

I love your toes, I love your nose,
Your giggle and your grin,
The way you walk, the way you talk,
I love the hair on your chin.

I love your cranium, I love your neck,
What the heck, I love your arteries, too.
I love your fibula and your tibia,
I love you bone tissue.

Words can't tell how I feel about your cells,
Your liver and your kidneys and your hips,
Your maxillaries and your capillaries,
Your femur and your fingertips.

I love your vertebrae and I just wanna say
Your membranes make me moan.
I love your dimples and your pimples
and I thank heaven for your funny bone.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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