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It's My Mother and My Father and My Sister and the Dog and My Two Little Brothers and Me

by Barry Louis Polisar

It's my mother and my father
And my sister and the dog,
My two little brothers and me.
We're going on a trip
And we're riding in the car,
We've been driving all day it seems.

Were gonna see Grandma and Grandpa and my aunt
And two cousins I don't like.
I wish I was home, playing with my friends,
Going swimming or riding my bike.
I'm in the back seat, wouldn't you know,
My sister's yelling in my ear,
The radio's on, but its Daddy's turn
And he's plays what I don't want to hear.

Everybody's screaming and poking at me.
Timmy's got Tommy by the neck.
The dogs is barking and he throws up, too;
Mom says we're gonna wreck.
My brother is yelling and pulling at me.
He tries to climb over the seat,
My father swerves and slams on his brakes.
I want something to eat.

Timmy and Tommy are rollin' in the back,
The dog jumps in Daddy's lap.
My mom is screaming; she's really mad.
Dad gonna have a heart attack.
My sister's crying, My mom is yelling,
My daddy stops the car.
They say they'll make us get out and walk,
Who do they think they are?

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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