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I'm Late

by Barry Louis Polisar

You know I'm only late because I missed the school bus,
And I lost my concentration when I tried to rush,
My dog chewed my shoe then swallowed my sock;
Would've ridden my bike but it was locked.

You know I'm only late because I had some eggs,
When my little baby brother bit me on my leg;
I fell off my chair and fell back on the floor,
Hit my little bitty head on the dining room door.

I'm only late because I had to take a shower,
Then the lights went out and when I thought we lost the power
I just didn't know what I was supposed to do,
So I went back to bed for an hour or two.

I'm only late because I didn't get woken,
My Mom was gonna drive me but the car was still broken;
My cat ate my hat, then my dog ate my cat,
I would've set the alarm clock but I couldn't find that.

I'm only late cause I was sitting in bed
When I should been dressing' and gettin' fed,
But by the time I left it was ten past ten
And that's why I'm late for school again.

You know it's not my fault, now don't blame me;
I'm not the kind of kid to shake responsibility.
It should have been different -- that's a cry in shame
But I'm innocent and clearly not to blame.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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