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I'm A Slug

by Barry Louis Polisar

I love broccoli, I love Swiss chard,
I love all the flowers in the yard,
I love butternut squash, cucumbers too,
Cantaloupe and honeydew.

'Cause I'm a slug
I'm a slug
I'm a slug

Pick me up, no need to squirm,
I won't wiggle around like an itty bitty worm.
I don't got no fur, don't got no tail,
No gills, no scales, and I ain't no snail.

I like to climb up and down your vine
And leave a little trail; just a slimy line.
My tiny antennae flipping' side to side,
Which way should I go? I can't decide.

I'm a little bit slippery but only a little,
Round like a snake but fatter in the middle.
Step on me; no need to scream,
I'm much more lovable than I seem.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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