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by Barry Louis Polisar

I eat baby chipmunks
I eat lizards, birds and squirells
Sometimes I eat little boys
And sometimes little girls
I'm taller than a condominium
Bigger than a shopping Mall
Ain't Thunder rumblin' under me
When I walk down the hall

But no one runs away from me;
no one hides under their bed
No one is afraid of me
because my name is Fred

I use dead skunks for deodorant
I'm scary through and through
I use rattlesnkaes for shoelaces
Meaner monsters--are quite few
Now you might think it's funny
You might think it's one big joke
Try to be a monster just like me
see who runs when you blow smoke

No one runs away from me;
No one hides under their bed
No one is afraid of me
Because my name is Fred

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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