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Five More Minutes

by Barry Louis Polisar

Ever since this morning
When you got out of bed
You've waited for me to be done
And listened when I said
I just need five more minutes
I won't be very long
I know I said that earlier
But I guess that I was wrong

Can't you read another book
Or watch some more TV ?
I just need five more minutes
Please sit there patiently.
I'm sure there's something you can do
Is all your homework done?
I've got a list of things to do
And I'm checkin' off each one

Everytime you call my name
To see if I am ready
Makes it take much longer and
I've told you twice already
I just need five more minutes
So go wait in the car
You think you're bein patient
But I don't think you are

Why don't you call up Grandma?
She'll always talk to you
I just need five more minutes
And then I will be through
I know its gotten really late
I'm still not done you know
Just wait until tomorrow
I promise we will go
I promise we will go......

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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