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Don't You Cry, Now Don't You Fuss

by Barry Louis Polisar

Don't you cry, now don't you fuss,
I know you'll like it here with us
Though sometimes things seem awfully bad,
Don't be sorry, don't be sad.

For every raindrop, there's a seed
That'll sprout a sunflower or a weed.
The world is filled with things to do;
There's fiddles and flutes and diggery-doos.

There's trees to climb and seas to sail,
Bumps and bruises, then there's Yale,
Music, art, nature, and food;
Swimming in the river in the nude.

There's boils, pimples, plagues, and frogs,
Termites, roaches, sewers that clog;
Though every rose has a thorny side,
I think that you'll be satisfied.
For every freeze, there's a thaw
Or a wagging tail or a hairy paw;
You've got flowers in the yard,
Tomatoes in the garden, and St. Bernards.

You've got youth, then you get a little older;
Heat waves, sun stroke, it gets colder.
Dogs will bark in the middle of the night;
They'll wake you up, but that's all right.

There's beavers, beetles, bees and seals;
Bugs and slugs, and snakes and eels;
Measles, mumps, fever and flu,
Stomach aches, heartbreaks, sunburn, too.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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