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Don't Wake up the Baby

by Barry Louis Polisar

Don't wake up the baby or the baby will get you.
The baby don't like to be waked.
He'll throw his blanket to the floor, say "I don't wanna sleep no more;
Don't give me no more rattles to shake.
I don't need no rest, just give me a breast
and put me on your lap.
I'm tired of lying down, I wanna crawl around;
I don't need to take a nap."

Don't wake up the baby or the baby will get you.
That baby who looks so sweet
Has a monstrous side when his eyes open wide,
So tread lightly on your feet.
He will terrorize you when he opens his eyes;
He will scream and he'll moan and he'll yell.
He'll rattle his rails and he'll thrash and he'll flail,
Not to mention how he'll smell.

The baby will poop, the baby will make,
The baby has his routine.
And make no mistake, when he is awake,
That baby will have to be cleaned.
When the diapers not dry, you cannot deny
The job you've gotta do;
It's not much fun, but it's gotta be done
Be it number one or number two.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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