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The Dinosaur Song

by Barry Louis Polisar

I've seen some mean and scary ordinary dinosaurs
Beware of their ranting, listen to their panting and do not ignore
The roar of their snorts, their tempers are short; I ask you to beware
If they're near, I'd disappear, I'd also say a prayer

Everyone will laugh but their mouths won't crack, they'll sit there unamused
You'll find out after, they don't like laughter, nor do they approve
Some are sophomoric and call 'em prehistoric but they don't understand
Watch for their sneer, run if their near. Avoid their reprimand

They hate girls and boys, they can't stand noise, you better not say a word
They can't take a joke. They fume and smoke, so their vision is often blurred
You'll find they eat little kids for a treat, though it not the way you think
Their ways are subtle, but you'll still be in trouble, 'til they become extinct

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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