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I Didn't Mean To

by Barry Louis Polisar

It seems whenever things go wrong, I am the one who you accuse
Sometimes I'm blamed for accidents and things that I just didn't do.
I am very often guilty, it's true I do like to have fun,
But usually I didn't mean to do the things you've said I've done.

I didn't mean to break the window or to sit down on the cake
I didn't mean to spill my grape juice, can't a kid make a mistake?
I didn't mean to forget my homework, I didn't mean to break the jar
Or watch TV when you said not to or run down Grandma in Daddy's car.

I didn't mean to hit my sister, I didn't mean to knock her down
I didn't mean to tie her up and hold her mouth when she came 'round.
I didn't mean to saw the table or seal up the bathroom door
I was just experimenting to see what a hammer and nails are for.

I didn't mean to shave the kitty, I now know that was very wrong
I didn't mean to break the lamp, I didn't mean to sing this song,
Circumstances have been better, I didn't mean it--isn't that clear?
But you're two days late to take me home; hope you didn't mean to leave me here.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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