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Cindy's Absent

by Barry Louis Polisar

Cindy's absent, she's not here,
Why oh why? oh my; poor dear.

With thoughts of some exotic dish,
She began to eat the fish
That used to swim 'round in the bowl.
She ate and ate without control.

She ate the gold fish, ate the cat,
She ate some algae after that.
She nibbled scales and gills and bones,
She also ate some sand and stones.

She ate the plants in one big bite,
It did not curb her appetite;
Her stomach growled. X-rays expose
She also ate a clamp and hose.

I am very sad to say
That Cindy won't be here today.
Everybody's wearin' black,
'Cause Cindy won't be coming back.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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