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Not So Good At Baseball

by Barry Louis Polisar

Whenever we play baseball, I always try to hide;
I'm always last to get picked, when its time to choose up sides.

'Cause's he's not so good at baseball, Can't hit or pitch or throw,
He can't run fast so we pick him last; It's something we all know.

One day I'm in the outfield; I'm out there all alone;
The ball was coming at me; I heard my team-mates moan.

I held my mitt up to the sky and rose to meet the test;
The score was tied; I knew that I would try to do my best.

The game was mine to win or lose, I heard my team mates call;
They cheered me as I made the catch.....and then I dropped the ball.

Copyright by Barry Louis Polisar

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